50Autumn merciless! The gunman was shot dead just with Wenger’s black face (video)|Autumn merciless! The gunman was shot dead just with Wenger’s black face (video)6

Autumn merciless! The gunman was shot dead just with Wenger’s black face [collection] Arsenal 0-0 square meters of Fort Cech regrets God bashing Wenger birthday face war magic Octopus reproduction black Tencent sports news in October 23rd after the war Arsenal 0-0 meters Middlesbrough, British "the times" title "familiar feeling back", "the Daily Mail said:" Wenger’s birthday is not happy "," mirror "," arsenal sigh again by the strength, but will more vigorous competitors fight barrier". All the media are invariably said that this feeling is very familiar – for Arsenal, for Wenger, this is a familiar formula, familiar taste! On the day of the game, it was Wenger’s 67 birthday. British media believe that Arsenal have three reasons to win: first, after the Premier League winning streak in six, this is the best Arsenal for so many years. Second, Wenger 67 years old birthday. His birthday before play in the league and 2 matches, the law of blessing, the opponent is one of the Premier League’s worst team does not win or home court, justified. The most important is the third points this season, Manchester United Chelsea (data) in the large-scale reconstruction period Huanshuai after treatment, and for many years to build the Arsenal team, but also for military buildup, pre war integral tied for first, over the years the best chance to top the impact. At this time also not to fight evil? When to fight? Mourinho, Guardiola and others in place, and then fight it? But unfortunately, there are three reasons to win A Senna, do not win only one reason: that is the key moment of breath! Scrappy rivals, fierce and malicious, will match into melee. Arsenal weeks in the Champions League, lack of physical fitness. To overcome the difficulties to bite when the skill is not enough, but also alone when the bayonet, Wenger and his sons, not. In the 67 year old birthday, Wenger on the sidelines of livid face. In some cases, Wenger is on the sidelines to spread his hands, anxious expression shows between the lines. Maybe he always could not understand, why every time with the most ferocious Arsenal, to hit the top, always does not seem strong, just a bit of "evil" opponents to a sap. "Daily Mail" pointed out: "for Wenger, in their own home court, his birthday, against a relegation team, which is lost 2 points. The end of the season to see these 2 points, may have a different meaning and value!" But the British media is not necessarily so, such a story, in the past few years, there have been so many many times, many more to be too numerous to enumerate the Arsenal fans, have got used to. Every time there is a chance to hit the title, Arsenal are often disappointing. In the Premier League in world football championship team needs to have a good quality of football, also need to have strong willpower. Over the years, Arsenal often kicked out of Europe’s top football, but the quality of this one, but never really satisfied. This is the style of Wenger, iron barracks of soldiers, for decades, generations of different players in Wenger’s play a similar style of football, in addition to this style of fast, smooth, delicate technology, may be added)