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[500 lottery lottery 3D] 16314th recommendation summary [500 lottery net] building team Fucai 3D 2016314th: kill Danma 28313 award number 373 small size, Kiki Qi, group of 3 combinations, and a value of 13, span 4 parity trend: over the past ten odd even odd number is stronger than 19:11. The odd Kiki opened the next odd normal reference number, the parity ratio of 2:1 mode of anti 1:2 combination at. The size of the trend: nearly ten size ratio of 12:18, small yards out strong, the small size and number, the next big number of dominant, 2 reference 1 1 out of 2. Span trend: nearly ten span 1-8-3-7-2-4-8-5-6-2-4, even on the cross out, then pay attention to even cross out, optimistic about the span of 4 and the value trend: nearly ten period and the value of 19-15-10-25-14-11-9-20-5-13, and a region value 2, two and 5 value, three out of 3, under the two district and the value of prevention of attention the three area and focus on value, and a value of 1614. Look at the period of heat value and value from, this period see cold and values, nearly 5 surprising parity Kiki, this period value even number. A period of heat, this period value heat number, nearly 5 out of even odd Kiki, this optimistic odd. Ten of the heat, the good heat number, nearly 3 was Kiki, the optimistic odd. A period of heat, this period value nearly 3 out of the heat, even Kiki, this period value even number three 367 two recommended 67 bile bile bile and 7 1614 and 16 94 single span only 46 yards 0356795 yards across the group six group six group six 356794 yards 3679 straight group selected 736095 and killed 13 kill kill 100 kill 12 span 56 ten 28 48 2 yards to kill a winner 1 yards (8 28 win 500 lottery lottery network ============================================================) [500] 2016314th boats knife Fucai 3D: double gallbladder 16313 current 3D lottery number 373, group 3, only small size, single, and a value of 13. The span of 4314 period forecast and tail: five number 1-9-0-5-3, 1 pairs of 4 single, 2 big 3 small, the export of 9-0-0-5 as a basis for good and double tail 2 Span: five, 8-5-6-2-4, 4 pairs of 1 single, 3 big 2 small, the export of 0-0-2-8 on the basis of single span 500 about five, 8-0-3-1-3, 2 pairs of 3 single, 1 big 4 small, the export of 0-0-3-3 on the basis of good Danma 14, small. Ten: five, 3-4-9-1-7, 1 pairs of 4 single, 2)相关的主题文章: