4The traditional mode of production in the conversion transformation when there are new thinking – in|The traditional mode of production in the conversion transformation when there are new thinking – in

Traditional mode of production in the conversion: transformation when there is a new way of thinking – in the new network to adapt to the new normal, new energy, the development of new economy, which is the main theme of China’s development and transformation of the moment. Sing this melody, I see, the new concept of focusing on practice, new horizons, the liberation of new thinking. The profound transformation of the Chinese economy, urged people to emancipate the mind, superstition, innovation and development, breaking the existing mindset, stubborn to get rid of the path dependence, in the more open, more profound, more flexible level, for the transformation of the smooth progress of the innovation ability of thinking were absorbed and creative vitality. The traditional mode of production in the conversion, personalized manufacturing has been the business world market awareness. When Chinese consumers "buy Sea World" show explosive growth, when the daily consumer goods such as rice cookers also entered Chinese outbound "buy list", we a huge amount of spending power drain and shocked, but also for the domestic manufacturing industry deletion and anxiety. People’s consumption demand has been upgraded, the concept of consumption is changing, and the supply of goods price advantage is no longer, the supply structure is greatly backward. Public consumption behavior is from large-scale wave emission to personalized diverse upgrade, the strongly forced China manufacturing production mode to fine, humanization and individualized transition from centralized, scale and standardization. This has become more and more enterprise market consciousness and innovation orientation. "You come to design me to achieve" triggered a flexible production, in the reconstruction of the subject status of consumers, a new commercial civilization was born. Profound technological progress in the change of track, disruptive innovation has become competitors overtaking corners. A new round of technological revolution and industrial change, for all walks of life to bring disruptive innovation opportunities, many Chinese enterprises are actively grab this opportunity. They no longer Zhushou growth in shallow layer of improvement in the performance of existing products and existing customer groups, are no longer satisfied with the established industry to develop technical routes and habits of market operation mode, to explore the creating and using of technology and market of mutation, and strive to become a leader in the market competition and the transformation of industry leader. The moment, the most revolutionary subversive innovation, when the number of global industry 4 of the trend. Experienced mechanical, electrical, automation, we meet the new era of intelligent. Rushing to ride the train of this round of revolution, thus completely realize the industrial modernization requires both original innovation capability and commercial profit pattern to follow up, also need to temper under the throes of change will and the courage to the courage of self denial. In China’s "HUAWEI" within the company, has set up its own "blue army"". Its main task is the battle against all kinds of virtual sound, all the variability signal simulation, issued some prophecy warning, so as to ensure the Huawei continue to explore innovative strategy development model, in the globalization of competition in the enterprise forever youthful vitality. Strong industry boundaries in the breakthrough, industry development of the new normal fusion type reconstruction. The digital economy globalization, striding along, reshaping the industry to change the layout. Between the industry boundaries become blurred, one border was opened, a fence everywhere during the removal, intercross and mutual penetration, mutual integration of cross-border development, economic development often new.