4The Chinese Academy of Sciences for the investigation of maternal death sent a hospital said the fam|The Chinese Academy of Sciences for the investigation of maternal death sent a hospital said the fam

Chinese Academy of Sciences, sent a letter for investigation of maternal death hospital that suffered families thwarted original title: maternal Beiyisanyuan death of Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences for survey Beijing News (reporter Li Xin Lin Fei ran) recently, a maternal Beiyisanyuan rescue invalid died the news caused concern. No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, said Ms. Yang after the death of the mother, the family of dozens of people stranded in No.3 Hospital of Beijing University maternity ward, chasing the medical staff, the threat to other maternal life and death. In this regard, yesterday, the reporter failed to contact the maternal families to verify. In addition, online a from deceased maternal unit, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the "red letter" also triggered a netizen to discuss, the document said the hospital to the deceased’s cause of death hopes to make a fair and transparent investigation. Yesterday, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and confirmed on January 14, sent a letter to Beiyisanyuan, requesting the hospital on the matter and make a fair and transparent and detailed investigation. Doctors say "mothers suffering from hypertension complicated with preeclampsia" Beiyisanyuan a staff introduced, Ms. Yang 34 year old, has more than ten years of history of hypertension, gallbladder stones, through natural conception, pregnancy more than 26 weeks, because of suffering from hypertension and eclampsia early in December 2015 28 hospitalized, after being hospitalized after a series of examinations and expert consultation, after treatment condition is relatively stable. Several doctors said that preeclampsia is a pregnancy hypertension, blood pressure value and urine protein value abnormally elevated, gestational period hypertension will threaten maternal and fetal health and life, suffering from pre eclampsia sometimes suddenly tetany. Staff, in January 11, 2016, Ms. Yang appeared in the chest pain and then sudden respiratory and cardiac arrest, the multi department joint rescue invalid death. The cause of sudden death due to autopsy is rupture of aortic dissection. "The initial symptoms of aortic dissection is not typical, once the aortic dissection rupture leading to cardiac pressure plug, rescue success rate is very low, very high mortality." A has been involved in the rescue of Yang’s doctor said, Ms. Yang after the onset, combined with hospital department of Anesthesiology, cardiac surgery and other eight departments, the number of doctors to work together to rescue the more than 3 hours, the regret is still not keep Ms. Yang and the child’s life. A source close to the deceased, said Ms. Yang’s mother immediately fainted, after admission treatment. The hospital said families thwarted items and medical staff Beiyisanyuan said in a statement issued yesterday, after maternal deaths, dozens of families were aggregation and retention Beiyisanyuan maternity ward, in the ward shouting abuse, smashed items, chasing after the medical staff, seriously disrupting the Beiyisanyuan normal medical order, pose a threat to the safety of other maternal. By the superior competent departments and public security organs at all levels to intervene, patients’ families leave the maternity ward, the medical work order to be restored. No.3 Hospital of Beijing University will be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the state, through medical disputes, the people’s mediation institutions or courts to deal with medical disputes. Yesterday, the reporter failed to contact the families of the young lady. Chinese Academy of Sciences and once to the hospital sent a letter yesterday, this event on the Internet is hot, source in Ms. Yang unit of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the issued a "red head letter." Some netizens questioned said, medical disputes for 8