4Taiwan media Taiwan again at the crossroads at their wise choice – Sohu news|Taiwan media Taiwan again at the crossroads at their wise choice – Sohu news

Taiwan media, Taiwan once again stand at the crossroads at voters made a wise choice – Sohu News [Global Times reported] "now is the Chinese Kuomintang the trickiest time, I want to appeal to all our supporters, must the overall situation, solidarity and support of the Kuomintang and the support of chairman Chu." 15 in the morning, Ma Ying-Jeou in its "facebook" issued a document to push the vote. He also uploaded a video of nearly 2 minutes, the video of Ma Ying-Jeou wearing the KMT presidential candidate Zhu Lilun’s blue campaign jacket. Ma Ying Jeou said he 8 years of policy direction is correct, perhaps some policies promote opportunity and the method not distributive, draw some criticism, "I am willing to accept responsibility and reflect on the review". Ma Ying-Jeou said that he is not good enough place, Zhu Lilun will learn a lesson, do better. "Night before the election" is the most important day of the election in Taiwan. 2004 "presidential election" the day before, public support behind the Chen Shui Bian in Tainan sweepers worship the ticket when occurred "two bullets" events, minor injuries to the Chen Shui Bian that night to stay indoors, rumors, in exchange for sympathy and the media focus. Finally, by a tiny margin comeback elected. Zhu Lilun 15 full sprint. Day in Taipei City team sweep the streets, then even catch Taichung, Xinbei went to the night before the campaign party and spare no effort to stick to the key northern Taiwan. KMT heavyweights converging attack, strongly push for votes, solid votes, "vice president Wu den Yih sits Taiwan, Chu campaign headquarters backup will president Wang Jin Southern stick, Ma Ying Jeou Taipei, Taichung Ganchang, has helped Chu platform. "Central News Agency reports said, New Taipei" legislators "tight election, is rare, have always been regarded as the blue camp big ticket bunker of Yonghe District recessive voters. Therefore," conjured to Blues supporters vote "became a target for the final sprint of the blue camp. Tsai ing Wen will also focus in Northern Taiwan, 15th Street sweeping team start from Fongyuan, via Miaoli, Hsinchu, Taoyuan, Taipei, Taipei, advance all the way, the night before she first went to New Taipei City, Banqiao campaign party, finally rushed to the "presidential palace before the Ketagalan Boulevard campaign party, a symbol of" go "the presidential palace. Island 16 days of voting, the votes will have 3, 1 was voted "the president, vice president, 1 vote area (or aboriginal)" legislator ", one vote for parties (without partition" legislators "). Three groups of candidates according to the order of 1 Chinese Kuomintang candidates Zhu Lilun and Wang Wang, 2 Democratic Progressive Party candidates Cai Yingwen and Chen Jianren, 3, the people first party candidate James Soong and Xu Xinying. Vote from the morning 8 when to afternoon 4 when voting deadline after then the vote count, Taiwan’s Central Election Commission is expected to 16 evening 10 when before publication of the results. "Central News Agency reports said police in the island to enhance the maintenance of election security level, Taiwan’s military" keep normal alert ". The island’s "Central Daily" 15, commented that Taiwan once again stood at the crossroads, hoping to make a wise choice of voters. The KMT’s recently published polls show that Cai Yingwen support rate of less than 10 percentage points ahead of Zhu Lilun. NOW news website, Taiwan, 15, said that the majority of polls show Cai Yingwen’s support for a substantial lead. Reported that Taiwan poll machine