4People’s daily livelihood of the people’s Livelihood a security reminder may wish to be more thought|People’s daily livelihood of the people’s Livelihood a security reminder may wish to be more thought

People’s daily livelihood concept: security alert might be more considerate – View – People’s network credit card in to provide convenient, but also increases the infringement risk; to be responsible for their own pocketbook, enhanced ability of anti fraud credit card fraudulent, is in recent years, frequent criminal incidents, and there is a growing trend. To Beijing Second Intermediate People’s court as an example, from 2012 to 2014 received a total of bank card fraudulent cases 8, by 2015, a sudden jump in the number of such cases to 29. And encountered such a thing, many people tend to think of bad luck, not to rights. No rights but not sincerely convinced, because of the high cost, more trouble. The first Kaner is deal with banks difficult. Many victims have such feelings, will encounter many difficulties similar requirements and negotiation bank. For example, a bank, consumers suspected encounter fraudulent, to contact customer service for the first time. "The first time" how to quantify? The moment of the incident, or in an hour? The most critical part of the evidence, there is a bank requires customers to retain and provide non I deal with the relevant evidence". This requires the victim to go to the nearest POS machine brush on a. If the victim in the wilderness, where to prove that "I stuck in my body? And sometimes bank to the people’s Bank of upload personal bad credit records to the grounds, asked the victims as soon as possible for the thief’s, which let the victim feel very uncomfortable. Have said that the bank’s main business is to provide financial services, in forensics, survey effort too much, is not realistic; in profit for the purpose of nature, it requires timely repayment is stolen, this is a last resort. Indeed, the bank’s conduct has its logical, but consumers are in fact the hope that the bank can provide more humane services, rather than the cold. If the bank is more thoughtful in terms of security, when dealing with more from the point of view of the victim, the effect will be greatly different. There is a need to clear, the true villain, neither bank in the eyes of the customer nor the eyes of customers of bank, but the thieves. To deal with the credit card stolen brush, the public security departments need to crack down on. Victim retained first-hand information, original evidence, Bank of capital operation, transfer, payment confirmation, on this basis, the public security departments integration resources of manpower, material resources, professional technology and cross regional coordination, third party together, in order to thief to ferret out. Modern society is a risk society, credit card is a product of the modern economy, providing convenience at the same time also increased the risk of infringement. The convenience of consumers is not the rationale should be, but with the risk of closely linked. To be responsible for their own pocketbook, enhance risk awareness and ability of anti fraud, such as safekeeping card to regular shopping malls consumption, not casually rub free wireless network. "People’s Daily" (07 2016 14 August 13 Edition) (commissioning editor Wang Zhengqi and Wen Songhui)