4Pengan County, Sichuan Province, 4 of the residents of the village of low living standard is still e|Pengan County, Sichuan Province, 4 of the residents of the village of low living standard is still e

Sichuan Peng’an County Guanyin Qiao Cun 4 recipients died still "eat minimal assurance" – in 2014 since, in Sichuan Daily sentiments hotline (028) 86968696, asked Zheng Sichuan, spicy community platform, reflect on the subsistence allowances has more than 700, attracted a lot of attention. Since March of this year, readers again reflects, Peng’an County Jin Jia Xiang Guan Yin Qiao Cun existence "the dead eat minimal assurance" phenomenon, more than the minimum target has died, which has man has been dead for more than two years, but in the latest issue receive minimal assurance personnel list publicity on, there are still a the name of the deceased. Reflect the situation is true? What measures can be taken to prevent the occurrence of this kind of phenomenon? Sichuan Daily sentiments hotline reporter according to the readers to reflect on the clues to Peng’an county were investigated. Villagers puzzled: died two years ago, was actually in the list of subsistence on March 11, the sentiments hotline reporter came to Jin Jia Xiang, Peng’an county. Guanyin Bridge village 4 groups of villagers Tang said, the recent village are talking about the dead eat subsistence allowances. According to Tang introduced, group 3 and 5 groups have several "low income households" in the year before last year, last year, has died, the village cadres will these subsistence quota "transfer" to the relatives of these people, and then continue to receive subsistence allowances. Multi information display, Guanyin Bridge village, there are at least 4 cases of dead eat subsistence allowances. Acceptance of sentiments hotline reporters Guanyin bridge village Party Secretary Li Yifeng admitted, three groups of villagers Peng, Yang, and 5 groups of villagers Tian Xiemou, before a is guaranteeing that the object, respectively, in 2014, 2015 died, but until 2016 at the beginning of the year, residents of the dead are not cancel, because "Murakami, taking into account the practical difficulties, there is no death reported. 4 people’s subsistence respectively by their relatives on behalf of the collar". Li Yifeng, for example, 5 groups of more than and 40 year old Xie, the body is not a long time, living alone, in 2014 began to be included in the list of objects, died in January 2015 due to illness. At that time, thanks to a brother to find the village cadres, how to deal with funeral expenses". Taking into account the actual situation, the village so that the money to pay for the burial of a brother, compensation approach is to continue to enjoy the low". A person familiar with the situation confirmed that the Spring Festival this year, the village, township public "enjoy the list of subsistence allowances", the 4 have passed away, still in the column. This strange list caused some return home over the Spring Festival of young people’s attention, they successively to Jin Jia Xiang, Peng’an County, the relevant departments to reflect this. Self-examination confirmed: village cadres make decision without authorization "transfer" guaranteeing Jin Jia Xiang, party secretary Peng Tao sentiments hotline reporter interview, said that after receiving complaints from the masses, Jin Jia Xiang with County Civil Affairs Bureau formed a joint investigation team, to Guanyin Qiao Cun with investigating the matter. Peng’an County Civil Affairs Bureau provides the conclusion of the investigation confirmed that Peng Mou (male), Yang a (female), Tian (female), Xie a (male), the time of death respectively for the July September 2015, in 2014, July 2014, January 2014, but residents have received to 2016 early. The reason lies in the "Guanyin bridge village Party branch, village appoint can fails to report the death". A written reply issued by the government of the Jin Jia Xiang believes that the village)