4Obama was the last state of the union of seven terrorists|Obama was the last state of the union of seven terrorists

Obama served in the last state of the union seven provided "terrorists" people’s network, San Francisco, January 12 (reporter Xing Xing Chen) local time on January 12 evening, U. S. President Barack Obama published him in the presidency on the last state of the union. In his speech, Obama mentioned the word "terrorists" for the seven time. In talking about "we are living in the age undergoing great changes", Obama said this change allows the remote villages in the girl can ensure education, but also let terrorists across the sea can contact each other. Speaking of "the United States to help reshape the international system after World War II," Obama said, the first priority is to protect the American people, the fight against terrorist networks. Al Qaeda and IS are a direct threat to our people, because in today’s world, even a small number of terrorists who do not cherish their own lives and the lives of others, it will also cause huge damage. In talking about "the terrorism has taken action", Mr Obama said more than a year ago, U. S. – led coalition composed of 60 countries, to cut off is the source of finance, disrupt their plot and prevent terrorist fighters flow, the eradication of their vicious ideology. In calling on Congress to support the dispatch of troops to IS, Obama said, the American people should know that no matter whether Congress or not, IS will learn from the lessons of the previous terrorist. If there are people wondered if America or I reach the determination of justice, then go to ask the & middot; bin Laden, ask Yemen, "Al Qaeda" last year we killed the leader, ask now still in jail awaiting, Benghazi consulate attacks mastermind. If you and the United States can not go to the United States will not let you go. Although it will take some time, but the United States has a good memory, there is no limit to the extent of the sphere of influence. When talking about other foreign policy concerns, Obama said, even in the absence of GIS, regional unrest will still last for decades in many parts of the world — such as in the Middle East, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in America, Africa, and Asia parts. Similar areas may become a haven for the new terrorist network, and other areas will become the victims of ethnic conflict and famine, and will face the next wave of refugees. In talking about "American in the 21st century leadership", Obama said American leadership in the 21st century is not is an exception when disregarding other countries (kill terrorists), occupation and reconstruction of any society is disintegrating.