4Obama said in a speech in Cuba, said the burial of the cold war remains|Obama said in a speech in Cuba, said the burial of the cold war remains

Obama in Cuba delivered a speech that bury the remnants of the cold war, the original title: Obama in Cuba speech buried relic of the cold war out friendship in the hands of the Xinhua news agency, Washington, March 22 is Cuba for a visit of U. S. President Barack Obama local time on March 22 in Havana theatre for the Cuban people speaking, the visit will set the tone for the burial of America, the last vestiges of the cold war residual "access, on behalf of the United States to the Cuban people stretched out the hand of friendship, stressed that the United States will not impose their own political or economic system to Cuba, the United States recognizes each country must choose their own path and mode. Cuban state television broadcast live on the day of Obama’s speech. Obama said him across the barriers of history and ideology of the barrier, the pain and the separation of came to Cuba, intended to bury the continent last trace "relic of the cold war", extending the hand of friendship to the Cuban people. History of the United States and Cuba across the revolutionary and conflict, struggle and sacrifice, revenge and reconciliation, and now should leave the past behind, together for the future. Obama acknowledged that the United States has not played a role in the implementation of the policy of Cuba in the past decades, must have the courage to admit this fact. The blockade of the policy is an old shackles attached to the Cuban people, he once again called on the United States Congress to be lifted. His position was warmly applauded by the audience. Obama hopes to continue to change the process of Cuba, the release of all the potential for development. He stressed that the United States has neither the ability nor the will to change any change imposed on Cuba, the change will depend on the Cuban people. The United States will not impose its own political or economic system on Cuba, each country must choose their own path and model. He also said on the scene of the Cuban leader Raul ·, Castro, said the visit shows that Cuba does not have to fear the threat from the United states. Looking to the future, Obama said that the United States and Cuba will continue to have great differences in how to promote peace, security, human rights and other aspects, but the normalization process of the United States and Cuba to promote the advancement of American unity. He is confident that Cuba can continue to play an important role in the region and the world as a partner in the United States. Some American and Cuban media noted that Obama in his speech to avoid the strong request of the return of the Guantanamo naval base in Cuba, this issue has not made any statement. On the afternoon of the same day, Mr Obama and Mr Castro watched the American major league baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays against the Cuban national team’s exhibition game the United States tried to through sports diplomacy highlights the cultural ties with Cuba, contributed to thaw and improvement of cooperation in other fields. After the series of terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, the United States has the Republican Party asked Obama to shorten the trip in Cuba, not to attend the baseball game, but Obama insisted the trip unchanged. Obama accepted the media interview said, in News 24 hours uninterrupted broadcast era, anywhere in the world on the terrorist attack is a challenge, people need to understand the situation of serious, but terrorism itself to trying to interrupt people’s daily life as the premise, he thinks similar like this game movement shows the human has the toughness and strength, to terrorists show they can’t beat the United States. (end)