4Men know beauty cheated 30 thousand yuan girlfriend unexpectedly is a 18 year old man|Men know beauty cheated 30 thousand yuan girlfriend unexpectedly is a 18 year old man

Men know beauty cheated 30 thousand yuan girlfriend unexpectedly is a 18 year old man cheated 30 thousand Yuan Wang girlfriend was actually male. Police arrested the suspect. Suspects in the network to use the head, for the download of young women. Chat record. Network through the beauty of "girlfriend", actually keep the buzz man. Recently, Baoan Public Security Bureau Tang Wei police uncovered fraud, and arrested 13 suspects, the gang using fresh and pleasant photographs of women, captured the hearts of many male friends. It is understood, the gang as the average age of only about 20 years old young man, strayed into a MLM Gang, known as the "training" developed into online dating defraud tool. Online knowledge "beauty" step by step in fraud according to the Baoan police, March 8, Tang Wei police received the alarm of Mr. Huang, the victim, said he met dating scams. According to Huang described, their understanding of a "beauty" through social networks, the two men and women in the process of the gradual development of the relationship between men and women friends. Since then, a month, the girlfriend has to get sick, the need for a variety of reasons, such as traffic charges to Mr. Wong for money. Mr. Wong for sympathy, have been transferred to the other party a total of more than 1 yuan, found that the police after being cheated. After receiving the report, the police quickly launched an investigation, through the transfer of the surrounding surveillance video, bank account information and take their money out of the monitoring and recording, the suspect in manholes Baoan area have a fixed residence. March 31st afternoon, the police arrested 9 men and 4 women in a suspect’s residence will be suspected of fraud in a total of 13 people arrested. At the same time, the police through the suspect fraud chat records, found the other two did not report the victims. Cheated more than 30000 do not know what a "girlfriend" is the hero according to a Mr. Wang fooled memories, by the end of 2015 he "nearby friends" functions through social networks added a "I hope tomorrow will be better" Nvwang, photo is immature girl touched him. Through the one or two day hot chat, the two sides quickly identified the relationship between men and women friends. A few days later, the girl said that her mother was sick in the recently, in Yunnan home to take care of his mother, because the family conditions are not good, the mother of cure money is not forthcoming, and to help. Enthusiastic Wang decided to lend a helping hand, give her the transfer of 3000 yuan. This year, "girlfriend" promised to Shenzhen to see Mr. Wang, said the car to Kunming after the money was stolen, then it was called to Guangxi suffers a relapse was admitted to the hospital in urgent need of money, Mr. Wang has to the other side hit 3 million yuan. Since then, Mr. Wang has repeatedly proposed to meet the girls have been in all kinds of excuses to refuse. March 31st at noon, Mr. Wang received a call from the police station at the end of Shenzhen Tong police station, that he was cheated. And he called the "girlfriend" was a 18 year old man. MLM is "main business" fraud is "sideline" according to police investigation discovery, network chat fraud is just the gang "sideline". The gang is a sale of water purification equipment "pyramid schemes" Gang. Original members were also in the name of sales inhalation gangs. Thereafter, the gang leader of them were "training", guide them to disguise adult light beautiful woman, to use the network to find a male chat, fabricated story to win sympathy to cheat money. The reporter saw in the Tang Wei police station, 13 suspects face with this group of young age.