4Israeli air strikes in Gaza caused 1 dead 3 injured – International – people.com.cn|Israeli air strikes in Gaza caused 1 dead 3 injured – International – people.com.cn

An Israeli air strike in Gaza caused one death and injury in 3 – International – People’s network, the original title: Israeli air strikes in Gaza caused by a dead 3 injured Xinhua news agency in Gaza January 13 (reporter Gao Lu Liu Liwei) Palestinian health ministry confirmed on the 13th, the Israeli air force morning air strikes in northern Gaza, killing one Palestinian was killed and three others were injured. The Ministry of Health said in a statement, the deceased 23 year old male youth, 3 injured were taken to hospital for treatment. The Israeli military issued a statement the same day confirmed the air strikes, said the air strikes destroyed the northern Gaza near the border with Israel a "terrorist stronghold". Israeli media said the intelligence confirmed that the Palestinian terrorists planned to put explosives here". The military has sent a warning to the people of Israel, who lived near the Gaza border before the air strike, to demand that they stay away from the border. Local witnesses said Israeli armored bulldozers day earlier entered northern Gaza, there opened a buffer zone, barring Palestinians from entering. Area of 365 square kilometers of Gaza Strip west of the Mediterranean, the northern and eastern borders with Israel, the southwest and Egypt Sinai Peninsula adjacent. A total of more than 1 million 800 thousand Palestinians live in Gaza Strip. (source: Xinhua News Agency)