4Get the guard soft cuts into some enterprises employees preferred means of – Beijing|Get the guard soft cuts into some enterprises employees preferred means of – Beijing

Wages of the changing of the guard "soft cuts" into some enterprises dismiss employees preferred bright means of report from our correspondent (reporter Yang Zhaokui) in a Beijing Internet financial company Gong in the past few days mood is very heavy. "The personnel manager and I said that now the Beijing company personnel surplus, asked me to go to Hebei branch work, if you do not agree to go, you can choose to leave." In March 24th, Gong told reporters on depressed. Gong Liang told reporters, their relatives and friends basically are in Beijing, and he has become accustomed to the life in Beijing, are reluctant to go to work in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. "There have been two colleagues finished wages go, but I think this is too nice, the company clearly disguised layoffs!" Gong Liang said. Reporter learned that the encounter is not a case of Gong liang. With the continuous improvement of laws and regulations, the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of workers is increasingly strengthened. Awed by the mandatory provisions of the law, some companies do not walk road of layoffs, but the use of some means of forced the resignation of employees, in order to avoid payment of economic compensation, reduce the cost, this is the so-called "soft cuts." A well-known human resources website related survey shows that 40% employees have defined their own being disguised layoffs. Is listed as the most lethal "soft cuts" means the top three is pay cuts, and the changing of the guard to replace the place of work, other means, including improve the performance indicators, merging departments. In this regard, Beijing, Wen Law Firm lawyer Shen Binti told reporters that, according to the relevant provisions of the labor contract law, the employer’s legal layoffs, should be given to the economic compensation of workers. According to the economic compensation of workers in the work of the unit of life, each full year to pay a monthly salary of the standard payment to the workers. "For the operating situation is not a very good business, the economic compensation is also a lot of numbers. Therefore, some enterprises will implement the "soft layoffs". Although the enterprises to implement the "soft cut" in the form of diversity, but its purpose is to allow employees to take the initiative to leave, so as to avoid the payment of economic compensation." An industry engaged in human resources training, told reporters that the industry. "A ‘soft’ layoffs than the normal means of human resource management, the surface appears to save a part of the economic compensation for the enterprise, but easily lead to labor dispute, but will also affect the employee loyalty and enthusiasm, but also to the enterprise brand damage." Shen Binti lawyer said. In addition, Shen Binti lawyer also said that the soft layoffs in the form of a do not provide jobs, only the minimum wage. In accordance with the provisions of the law, only two cases employer has the right to payment of the minimum wage: shutdown in employee Daigang; second, and staff consensus. If the practice does not meet the above two cases, only the minimum wage to employees on suspicion of illegal. Jin Yingjie, a professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said that enterprises in accordance with the actual situation, the law allows the re allocation of human resources within the scope of the enterprise should be autonomy. However, the allocation of human resources should be negotiated with the workers. At present, there is no relevant laws and regulations on the soft layoffs should be perfected as soon as possible, to regulate the phenomenon of this phenomenon."