49The Chinese Academy of Sciences 13th Five-Year development planning the health sector should have 8 |The Chinese Academy of Sciences 13th Five-Year development planning the health sector should have 8 7

The Chinese Academy of Sciences "13th Five-Year" development planning: the health sector should have 8 major breakthrough — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: the health sector should have 8 breakthrough in August 31st, China academy released its "13th Five-Year" development plan, including the future development of new advantages of 17 major breakthrough of life and health the field is expected to achieve leapfrog development and shaping the 22 key development direction. It is reported that the field of life and health is divided into health, biodiversity, modern agriculture three research directions. A major breakthrough in the direction of health has 8 items, including the brain and brain intelligence research, large molecular complex biological structure, function and regulation of cell fate determination of molecular regulation, pathogen and host immunity and personalized medicine — the molecular classification of disease drug development, inclusive organ repair and reconstruction, biosynthesis, health protection technology based on the direction of health and equipment; cultivate the direction of 16, including the study of biological data, nucleic acid and human health, medicine research, reproductive biology, advanced bio manufacturing, new vaccines, antibodies and biological analogs to develop and evaluate technology etc.. In the field of health related resources in the field of ecological innovation, also made 11 major breakthroughs and focus on the cultivation of the direction of the 11. Such as chase because of atmospheric haze and control of typical pollutants in environmental exposure and health hazard mechanism, soil microbial system function and regulation of soil pollution, water pollution of typical regional comprehensive control technology, and the national key regional ecological environment assessment and repair, the characteristics of metal deposits in the comprehensive utilization of clean and efficient. (reporter Wang Xiaoyu Intern Huang Qiwen Tan Jiamin (right): Juan, commissioning editor Xu Xinyi)