4969 minutes 0 shot is Manchester United lost soul difficult Nai Mourinho no bus ” Harvey ” |69 minutes 0 shot is Manchester United lost soul difficult Nai Mourinho no bus ” Harvey ” 1

69 minutes 0 shot is Manchester United lost soul difficult Nai Mourinho no bus " Harvey " [collection] United 1-0 Lou Gansike Sol A Rooney assists Ibrahimovic scored Mourinho missing two attack organization general Tencent sports news September 30th experienced a round 4-1 victory over Leicester City rapture, United fans and mood in the Champions League Cup to fall. The attack seems to return to the losing streak when rhythm, with 10 drums to have as, until only sixty-ninth minutes was the first shot, Ibrahimovic scored the winning goal to seize the opportunity. What happened to Manchester United from 4 minutes to 69 minutes and 0 shots? The last three weeks, Manchester United has been a week double match, physical consumption is not small. Because of this Sunday but also against the city of Storck, Mourinho of the game’s starting lineup to make adjustments, compared with the last round of the main city of Leicester with 11 people, 4 rotation: Romero to replace David De Gea as a goalkeeper, fossoux – Mensa replaced Valencia and Brin de Rojo and guarding the flank, Fellaini replaced Herrera kick back. Herrera blinder, PK Premier League champions Manchester United, the first half into the 4 ball, the offensive signals containing arrogance. The home court against weaker Lugansk, Ibrahimovic, Mata, Lin Jiade, rush’s frontcourt without any offensive performance, how would not work? The ball rate was as high as 8, but the 15 shot only 2 shots, first times until sixty-ninth minutes arrived, all opponents shot is earlier than the red devils! The main problem lies in the 4 rotation, exactly 2 of them — Herrera and blinder. As Luke Shaw injured, the last round of blinder regression line of work left back. As you know, he played halfback in the ball’s There are both advantages and disadvantages., high, can the ball; disadvantages in poor health, easy to make mistakes. Back to the left gate, he has the advantages of transmission control is still in the backcourt, the body disadvantages have actually been avoided, shoot two hawks with one arrow. Blinder, Manchester United from the back from defensive to offensive is much more smoothly. Press up front, he can with superior technology and consciousness and Pogba, Mata, Ford played with rush. Don’t forget the Holland international and a gold left, not only can send accurate winger, such as corner guided missile, 2 direct assists, making 3 goals. In contrast, Rojo rough technology, self attack ability is lacking, once his debut, Manchester United is equal to a waste without wing, the wing opened and rib cut, it is very difficult to break. Herrera’s role is equally important. The last round of his first stage partner Bo Geba, most exciting performances since our dedication to join the game, the media generally believe that they are the best midfield manchester. Adorable pull of active defense, running wide behind for our "clean"; the attack, he is good at playing with teammates Paowei flexible, rapid transfer, as if the attack in the binder system, will be united several players before the game series, the Reds offense played smoother and more vivid. In contrast, a body Fellaini header is a functional player very distinctive, but his problem is slowly turned slowly, easy to lose a defensive end, offensive to slow down the rhythm, but also the lack of flexible movement, ball threat ability is insufficient. Herrera and Blinder