48Winter has set in。 Tender and delicious leavened bread – [cod radish cake] – and Sohu|Winter has set in。 Tender and delicious leavened bread – [cod radish cake] – and Sohu6

Winter has set in。 Tender and delicious leavened bread – [cod radish cake] – Sohu and the beginning of winter, my buns and baking cake began to debut. I remember one time with Scallop in Shell once Steamed Jiaozi, but there was no record in the blog, so that I do, I will carefully said weight. Although it is not sure what to do before the taste, but still want to, if the case is delicious? Grope for! Why do you use COD and radish? Because there are only these things in the house. The result is very delicious! Cod soft, shrimp brought radish flavor, taste, anyway, delicious! Now the weather is almost 8, 9 degrees of appearance, plus the yeast of my time is long, the vitality is obviously insufficient, so the green bag after wake up for a long time, under normal circumstances, it should be ready in 20 minutes! After wake up a packet Pizi reentry pot, so that made the cake baking, will be very soft. In fact, you can also call it, water fried bag, is a little bigger. [cod radish cake]: (16) the crust materials: Flour 440 grams, 250 grams of water, 12 tsp sugar, 1 tsp lard, 4 grams of dry yeast stuffing materials: cod meat 150 grams, shrimp, 1 small radish (1 small, 400 grams, egg, 2) shallot 3 trees, 3 slices of ginger, salt 12 TSP +1, 4 tsp black pepper 14 TSP oyster sauce, 1 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1 tablespoons of starch water: corn starch 20 grams, 160 grams of water: 1. Add lard, sugar, flour and dry yeast water knead into a soft dough, put in the pot and cover with a plastic wrap fermentation. 2. Beat the egg, the pot into the oil pan, into the egg, cool and chopped standby. 3. Radish wire brush pot of water boil into radish blanch for 2 minutes, remove and into the cold water. Save dry water reserve. 4. A little oil into the pot, stir fry shrimp. 5. Radish into the pot, add shrimp, eggs, chopped ginger, green onion, cod to the surface of the scales and inside the bones, cut into small pieces to join. Add salt, pepper, soy sauce, oyster sauce and mix. Add sesame oil and mix well. 6. Face to face mission to 2. 5-3 times out. 7. Divide the dough into 16 small pieces of average. 8. Take a system into round, with a rolling pin roll into a thick intermediate thickness around the thin. Put the stuffing. 9. Wrapped steamed stuffed bun shape, then turned into finishing the biscuit round, covered with plastic wrap on the board, for about 20 minutes at room temperature. 10. Pour oil into the pan, pour into the cake, fry until golden brown on the bottom. 11. Pour water to the starch cake blank 13 height, cover and stew. 12. The stew water closed dry, pour a little oil in the biscuit around. Stay around the wire surface lightly browned out of the pot!