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English study: the suppression of HIV in a new direction – people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn of the University College London and the Medical Research Council Laboratory of molecular biology research found a new method to block HIV replication by blocking virus, microporous protein shell, no longer have the ability of self replication of hiv. This important discovery is expected to promote the development of new AIDS blocking drugs.   HIV retroviruses, in order to infect cells, it must be composed of the genome of RNA into DNA, before scientists for this conversion mechanism isn’t clear, so it is not a vaccine against this strange infection model. This time, the researchers found that the virus was wrapped in a layer of protein shell, the shell contains a lot of iris like micro pores, they can open and close like the eyes. In the process of rapid opening and closing the pores, can "breathe" some nucleotides, used to infect other cells of the DNA structure, and the other does not need to microporous molecular structure on the immune cells out, so also at a loss what to do. In order to prevent the virus from replicating and infecting more cells, scientists have developed a molecule that can clog the pores. The experimental results show that the virus is blocked by the micro hole does not have the ability to self replication, but also lost the infectivity.  , James, of the Medical Research Council, said the study could not only speed up the development of drugs that could be used to plug cells in the pores, but also improve existing therapies. (Feng Guochuan) (Gao Yinan, right: the commissioning editor Juan)