48Hadadi 20+10 Warren 32 single back injury Sichuan Zhejiang straight|Hadadi 20+10 Warren 32 single back injury Sichuan Zhejiang straight8

Hadadi 20+10 back injury 32 single Sichuan Warren negative Zhejiang defeats Beijing time 19:35 on November 4th, a contest 2016-2017 CBA regular season in the third round, the defending champion Sichuan 89-107 in the away team lost to Zhejiang team, which suffered 2 straight regular season. As for the Zhejiang team in the round to get the first win of the season. The four score, 25-26, 25-22, 36-16, 21-25 (Zhejiang). The game, due to the injury of Hadadi scored 20 points and 10 assists in the plate, veteran Liu Wei 15 points and 8 boards, both with a score of 12 points scored by the president, and his team, the team scored a total of three points, and then scored a total of 6 points, with a total of about $for the first time, with a score of 8 points for the first time, with a score of about $4 and a total of points. The Zhejiang team of foreign aid Warren 32 points and 9 assists, laruns 12 points and 15 rebounds, Wu before 10 points and 5 assists, Liu Fengbo 13 points, 9 points the fair. After the end of the last round of the tournament, Sichuan foreign aid Harris was diagnosed with a palm fracture, will be absent for 6-8 weeks, so overwhelmed by the game, Sichuan team can only participate in the entry of foreign aid only one person Hadadi. The epicycle finishes, the two teams clash 16 times, made 8 wins and 8 losses. At the beginning of the game, the Sichuan team by Zhang Chunjun hit three 3-pointers, and Daniel Chan both Haddadi attack the basket score, but the Zhejiang team is also inside and outside the bloom, Zhang Dayu attack inside scoring, Wu Qian hit three pointers, foreign aid Warren used free throws and outside shot scoring, then Liu Wei with Haddadi chopped 5 points the Sichuan team, 18-14. Next, Warren is angry first dunk and then continuous out assists, but the Sichuan team by Liu Wei and Hadadi to support the team. Final Sichuan team 26-25 lead the first game. In the second quarter, Liu Wei and Hadadi on the offensive end in and out, continue to support the Sichuan team’s offensive, while Chen Chen hit a record three points. In Zhejiang, foreign aid Warren continued his fiery state in the first section, it not only a series of hits three three pointers by freethrows scoring, once the team made the score superiority. The last section of the section, the Sichuan team Zhang Chunjun with Chen Chen continuous score. At the end of the second half, the Sichuan team 48-50 behind the opponent. Easy side battles, Hadadi dunk accomplishment, Meng Da outside shooting, but the Zhejiang team in the Warren drive on offense and flowering, 10 Zhejiang team 63-53 ahead of the competition. The next Zhejiang Yuezhanyueyong, three ball Liu Feng fighting, and Wu laruns respectively before shooting, Warren is at 2+1, the Zhejiang team scored 15 points ahead at this point. The end of this section, the Sichuan team to rely on veteran Liu Wei got some points, the Zhejiang team has more flowers, Liu Feng and Warren are stroke, laruns scores accounted for. The third quarter of the game, Sichuan team 64-86 behind rivals. Distal game, with a long shot and throws Liu Wei get points for the Sichuan team, but the Zhejiang team of Zhang Yongpeng and Liu Feng is pacing scored again and again, then Hadadi left ankle injury appears to be replaced, the Sichuan team 71-94 behind a large margin. Then Cai Chen and Wang Ruheng get some points for the Sichuan team, but is powerless, the game into garbage time. The Sichuan team eventually lost 89-107. Zhejiang starter: Wo)