47Women’s volleyball championship teams win the opener in Jiangsu Shanghai Beijing Ying two wins|Women’s volleyball championship teams win the opener in Jiangsu Shanghai Beijing Ying two wins9

Women’s volleyball championship teams win the opener in Jiangsu Shanghai Beijing Tianjin Ying Tianjin team two straight double block Beijing time on August 30th, 2016, the National Women’s Volleyball Championship at the end of the gymnasium of Taicang city group phase second day of competition. The first round bye Beijing and Tianjin two teams are 3-0 swept, ushered in the opener, while Shanghai and Jiangsu harvest two wins. At 8:30 in the morning, the first day of the Tianjin bye team debut, they match with Guangdong official opening. In the face of the Tianjin team this strong opponents, the Guangdong team after the first game by 24:26 regret lost, eventually lost to the opponent’s powerful offensive, with 13:25 and 20:25, the total score 0:3 lost the game, the Tianjin team won the opener. The morning of the second field is the Beijing team and the Shandong team, the Beijing team on the first day of the same bye. The first game, both sides compete very intense, turn up the score, Shandong team with strong defensive score, with 8:7 lead into the first technical timeout, the game continued after the Beijing team serve to undermine the use of Shandong’s attack, continuous runs, quickly lead to 12:9, the Shandong team lost a few mistakes, Beijing team 16:10 lead with 6 points in the second technical timeout. The game continued after the Shandong team to strengthen the block, to score close to 13:16, the Beijing team requested a suspension after adjustment to 25:19 to win the first game. Second, the beginning of the game, the Beijing team with a fierce serve hit 3:1, the Shandong team after the catch, to 7:8, a Beijing team leading into the first technical timeout, the game continues to increase, the Shandong team mistakes, Beijing team took advantage of the opportunity to open the score to 16:10, second technical suspension, Beijing team the advantage, to take the first two 25:20. The third game, Shandong team gradually recovered state, the two sides alternately rise. Hit 4:4, the Beijing team to strengthen the offensive, the first time the technical suspension, the Beijing team 8:4 lead 4 points. The game continued to start, the Beijing team to continue to maintain its advantage, with 16:7 lead into the second technical suspension, Shandong team to face the disadvantages of tenacious fight, but still lost to the Beijing team, 12:25 lost third. Beijing team 3:0 won the first victory in the group stage. In the afternoon, the Fujian team against Liaoning, the two sides fighting 5 games, to the audience brought a wonderful game. Both close, opening Fujian team play a more stable, 25:22 won the first game, second game start, the Liaoning team offensively, once behind a large margin, after the two technical timeout after adjustment, finally back to the state, the players play the more confident, to pull back a 25:23. Third, both of you come to me, the score rises alternately, second technical suspension, the Liaoning team played their powerful offensive strength, quickly pulled away to 25:19 victory. The start of the fourth set, the Fujian team made a small wave of 6:1, so as to lay the foundation to win the game, the 8:2 lead 6 minutes into the first technical timeout, with 16:11 lead into the second technical suspension, eventually won the 25:16, both the big score to 2:2. Key)