47Teachers’ day planning focus on the silent world leader (Figure) – Beijing|Teachers’ day planning focus on the silent world leader (Figure) – Beijing6

Teachers’ day planning: focus on the silent world leader (Figure) – Beijing Beijing in September 10 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ni) get up at half past five every day, six year old daughter hurried to school, and then rushed to their school…… This is the middle school mathematics teachers of Beijing Kai Li Ruonan Experimental School of normal life. Like many high school teachers, Li Ruonan has to face the arduous task of teaching, youth rebellious students, but the difference is that she brought a group of students living in a silent world of deaf children. Compared to the ordinary high school teacher and devote more patience, even the holidays are about class, not holding a generous salary, but Li Ruonan stuck in such a position for 13 years, and she is also a microcosm of China thousands on thousands of special education teachers. In 2003, just graduated from University, Li Ruonan accidentally become a math teacher of a school for the deaf, this works is 13 years. Washington reporter Zhang Ni she accidentally entered the world of deaf children, Li Ruonan was born in 1980 in a Beijing girl. The original study of materials science and engineering at the Beijing University of Technology School of her, never thought I would become a teacher some day in the future, in her words, all this is coincidental". 13 years ago, if Lee graduated from the University, but because at that time coincided with the Beijing city of the SARS outbreak, many of the original counterparts of large companies have stopped working, and does not account for gender advantage, want to find suitable work more difficult. When Li Ruonan lost, a mother is a special education teachers friend suggested Li Ruonan to deaf school for teachers. Try holding the attitude, Li Ruonan to the Beijing school for the deaf (after fourth and second Beijing city named "Beijing school for the deaf and dumb and experimental school") cast a resume, really did not expect to actually received the interview invitation. "The school is located in a quiet alley, surrounded by towering trees, very quiet. I walked into the campus, suddenly rang the bell, the children filed out, the teachers began to use sign language to command the children to exercise, let me feel the scene came to another world……" For the first time to the scene of the deaf mute school has been clearly engraved in Li Ruonan’s mind, she said, there is a different kind of atmosphere in the school, can move and purify people’s minds, not elsewhere experience. After this, Li Ruonan passed the interview was hired, and became a high school mathematics teacher in the school, working is 13 years. Li Ruonan and students birthday together (Li Ruonan for map) to the child’s soul gate "visual impairment from people, from people with hearing impairment." Li Ruonan told reporters, because the thoughts and feelings of communication obstacles, so it is very difficult in the communication between deaf and hearing people in between, this is the biggest challenge facing all the teachers in the teaching process. In order to be able to smoothly communicate with students in class, Li Ruonan officially had followed the experienced teacher learning for more than a month to sign. But even so, a lot of everyday expressions are still working