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Sugar friends must come through this three winter! Remember the trick, peace of mind! Sohu health guidance experts: Beijing Tiantan Hospital Department of Endocrinology sugar friends of their own immunity and immunity are lower than normal people, easy to induce respiratory infections in the winter, aggravating illness. Experts suggest sugar friends want to smooth over the winter, there is need to pay special attention to three. Are: sports, blood sugar, infection clearance. 1: the health movement off whenever and wherever possible for people with diabetes, regular aerobic exercise, can promote the use of systemic glucose, increase insulin sensitivity, to control blood sugar, reduce complications have very good effect. Experts suggest that in the winter, diabetic patients can choose according to their own circumstances, walking, Tai Chi, jogging, climbing stairs and other indoor and outdoor activities can be carried out. Elderly patients with diabetes can be recommended to choose Tai Chi, trot and other relatively slow movement, brisk walking energy consumption is not less than running, so the effect is also very good from the perspective of exercise. But is not recommended for patients with diabetes because the morning exercises, air pollution is serious, and the cold stimulation, easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Patients with diabetes can choose to exercise at noon or afternoon, each exercise 30~60 minutes, warm up for 5~10 minutes before exercise, relax after exercise 5~10 minutes. Exercise intensity self cognitive method: a little fatigue, sweating, rest after recovery. Keep the heart rate during exercise (times per minute) = × (220- age); 2 60%~70% blood glucose monitoring at any time off: the cold will stimulate the body sympathetic nerve, in the elevated glucagon levels, blood glucose control is not easy, so pay attention to blood glucose monitoring is particularly important. In addition, due to the winter diet with nourishing, easy intake of high-fat high calorie foods; haze, snow and cold weather reasons, many people have reduced the frequency of outdoor sports, make it difficult to control blood sugar sugar friends in winter. Experts suggest that sugar friends must pay attention to their own blood glucose monitoring to prevent blood sugar fluctuations. In addition, the lack of sleep will directly lead to the increase of blood glucose in patients with diabetes and increased stress hormone content in diabetic patients, so patients with diabetes should develop the good habit of daily uninterrupted sleep 7 to 8 hours. Once the unknown cause of blood sugar continues to rise, the need to improve the quality of life through the adjustment of the regular hospital visits to check and adjust treatment programs. 3 infection clearance: to enhance the immune health care if the blood sugar control is not good, prone to recurrent pulmonary infection, urinary tract infections, skin infections, foot infections and other infectious diseases. Therefore, sugar friends should pay attention to exercise, vitamin supplements, eat antioxidant foods, to ensure good sleep and improve the body immunity, prevention of infection. In addition, it is recommended that patients with diabetes to strengthen personal hygiene: 1 go out wearing hats and masks, breathing with the nose, go home wash their hands, often take a bath, frequently change underwear. Daily 2 feet with warm water, do not stay long finger (toe) armor, shoes and socks to the right, loose. Experts recommend older than