47Scott angrily Paul can’t learn anything from him|Scott angrily Paul can’t learn anything from him5

Scott anger spray German commander: Paul learn from him not to Russell anything has also been criticized by Scott sina sports news Beijing time on October 10th, according to U.S. media reports, the former Losangeles Lakers coach Byron – Scott plans to publish a new book, he wrote about the point guard who has taught in the book, which including Jason Kidd and Chris Paul -. Paul wrote in the text, Scott also criticized the Mike – DAntoni is a loser". The following is the text of Scott Kidd and Paul wrote in the book: "the first time I and Jason Kidd met in 2001 the team’s training camp, then I knew he would be in trouble. He was an all star player, but I had to go against his will and let him know who was the real boss." Kidd smiled at me and shook hands with me, but my hands were still crossed, and said to him, ‘Jason, I’ve played with the greatest point guard in NBA history, and you’re not him! If you want to win, I will let you become a man from a child" "He turned a supercilious towards me. From then on, I knew he was weak, and I was not a stranger. Yes, although we together for two consecutive years in the NBA finals, but if he can hear my words, we can complete two consecutive." "After working with Kidd, I know I need to coach a guard who has not yet become famous. Unfortunately, in 2004, New Orleans (Hornets) did not have such a point guard. So I have only one thing to do – swallow my pride and do all the things I don’t want to do. In order to get a high draft pick, I had to put up with that season." "After a season of 18 wins and 64 losses, we got Chris – at the NBA draft. Because he is a rookie, so I can according to their own ideas to build him. He listened to me, and he did well from the start. Of course, if you play DAntoni, he (Paul) can get 40 points and 20 assists, but he can not learn from the loser (de Anthony) how to defend." "Chris, you used what I taught you to be one of the best point guards in the NBA. Don’t mention it!" In this book, Scott also wrote that he coached the Lakers guard, especially Gilo Dean Russell. "When we got the pick in 2015, I dream in the post Kobe era let ghazil – Okafor became the heart attack. But when Mickey (Kupchak) and Jim (bass) told me they want to choose when Gilo Dean Russell, this dream shattered." "Yes, I once coached some excellent guard, but this from the Ohio state pompous children will listen to me? Unfortunately, the answer is no.. From the beginning, Dangelo was in the mix and didn’t show any professional attitude and tenacity that I asked him to do. If he stayed in the gym and he stole the team)