47Argentina football concept has been out of date nearly 10 years without the birth of talented player|Argentina football concept has been out of date nearly 10 years without the birth of talented player8

Argentina football concept has been out of date for nearly 10 years without the birth of talented players – Sohu sports for the second time after winning the runner up, Argentina team’s tone as if suddenly leaked. Beijing time yesterday morning, in the 2018 World Cup qualifier in South America, Brazil, led by Messi’s 0-3 defeat to the Argentina team, qualifying situation is not optimistic. The best players in the world, 5 Golden Globes Mr. Messi will not participate in the world cup, may no longer be alarmist. Messi missed the World Cup football has been left behind is not a joke Argentina defeated Brazil, Argentina team before the 11 round of World Cup standings only 16 points, ranked in the sixth position of the South American force. In accordance with the rules, the top 4 teams in South America directly qualify for the world cup, the need to play a match of the fifth. At present, in front of Argentina Columbia, Ecuador and Chile three teams ranked in Argentina, behind Paraguay and Peru, just 4 points, 6 teams competing for the 2 qualifying places and a playoff places. According to the current state of Argentina, missed the world cup is not a joke. Argentina team’s defeat, first of all, the idea behind the Argentina football. Brazil World Cup finals, it was pointed out that, from the point of view of football philosophy, the Argentina team behind the German team for at least ten years, but there is no such genius in the German team Messi. Today, the Argentina team has almost become a team of Messi, when the state is poor or absent due to injury, the Argentina team will not play football on. When Messi missed the first 3 games, Argentina game was Venezuela and Peru two weak team draw, followed by Paraguay humiliation at home court. Menotti Argentina football legend pointed out that the ability of football today want to rely on individual players of the game have been thoroughly thought behind the times, "we must have a good training tactics." But because of Messi’s super ability, often cover up the team’s problem. When Messi was Dingsi or meet the real team, the Argentina team in the tactical lack is completely unmasked. Argentina has a funny forced the Football Association Messi was angry and quit the national team in addition to football concept behind Argentina’s crisis should be attributed to the Argentina Football Association, the Football Association of Argentina a lot of wonderful things. In July 2014, Argentina’s former president gelongduona died, Segura served as the deputy president. Soon, Segura stalls a big thing, on suspicion of embezzlement by the judicial investigation, and finally went to FIFA to appoint interim chairman of the point. In December last year, the Argentina Football Association president election, representatives of the 75 teams to participate in the country, the result has been the emergence of 76 votes, each of the candidates took a total of 38 votes, and finally only hand to vote on the spot. Argentina’s former coach Martino Football Association was on the 9 months after the resignation of Martino, the Argentina Football Association to coach Simonyi Ma Jing has issued an invitation, hoping to share with Atletico coach. America Cup, the Argentina Football Association in order to save money, finding cheap flights, the Argentina national team on the plane fried.