3Milepost! KD scoring super Lakers legend than offensive really do not lose Curitiba|Milepost! KD scoring super Lakers legend than offensive really do not lose Curitiba

Milepost! 44 points and Kobe cut in Williams KD score over the Lakers legend than attack really do not lose library [collection] thunder 117-113 the Lakers missed equalized Tencent sports on January 9, hearing the thunder game 117-113 beat the Lakers, Durante 15 investment 10 scored 24 points, NBA career total score increased to 16331, beyond the Lakers legend striker James Worthy. Durant this season intentionally Xu Li, did not have the full attack, if he let go of the hands and feet to concentrate on scoring, offensive data does not lose the curry. Durant’s campaign in 15 10 Durant the game scored 24 points, NBA career total score is reached 16331, refresh the NBA’s all-time scoring list, beyond the Lakers legend James worthy, the ranked list of the 96. Worthy is the champion in 1982, NBA career 7 times selected all star, 3 times to win the championship, was elected in 1988 finals MVP, one of the NBA 50 big star, 2003 selected celebrity Basketball Hall. NBA’s career playing 926 games to get 16320 points, Durant won 599 games to surpass. The season Curitiba outbreak, before the East Jasidu pattern, seems to become Dong Zhan xiku. Durant return from injury, he don’t decline to have to to the point of curry’s demise? Data tells us that Durant is the efficiency of amazing score of a madman. Durant this season, averaging 26.6 points and third points in the league, averaging 17.6 points and shooting times in the top ten players. Durant scored high on the efficiency, shooting 51.7%, 124 points per hundred rounds a career high. Kuliben season a runaway state field were 29.3 points first in the league, the field was shot 19.1 times, hit rate of 51%, shooting than Duran Tedo, hit rate slightly Adu. Once this season curry averaged 35+, but has now dropped to less than 30 points. In fact, after Kobe 2005-06 season averaged 35.4 points, the closest to Kobe this data is Durant, Adu in the 2013-14 season averaged 32 points. Bryant averaged 35 that year field were shooting 27.2 times, hit rate of 45% can be described as impressive, Durant averaged 32 points of the season have voted 20.8 times, hit rate of 50.3% of superior. If the league today who can Kobe succession, firing on all cylinders in a season shot down 35 per game, devaluation or Kevin Durant. Durant’s scary in that he has level center height and arm span and is equipped with a standard of small forward speed, also practiced a shooting guard level. Faster than Durant defender and he is not high, higher than his defender mostly he did not fast. Even if the defender high and fast, the long arm of Durant started leaping high, this shot is difficult to defend in the height of. Anti library fire three points is a major problem in today’s NBA, don’t forget to prevent Durant’s shooting is also a difficult task. If in order to cut the high score as the goal, with Durant’s ability, he takes the score Wang is not the matter. A career in the NBA third year field were 30.1 points to lead the league. Five years 4 times dominate Reggie scoring list. In the 28 year old professional players grip the