45Moratti Milan stronger, but the Derby may not lose the weak – Sohu Sports|Moratti Milan stronger, but the Derby may not lose the weak – Sohu Sports0

Moratti: the Milan derby is stronger, but not lose the weak – Sports Sohu this weekend will usher in the Serie A Inter Milan Derby war, and former president Moratti also talked about a strong dialogue. Moratti on the weekend at the Milan Derby in the standings ranked third, while inter only ranked ninth. Moratti admitted that the current state of Milan is better, but in the derby, the weaker side of the theory is often able to win. For example, I was in Inter’s first derby, when inter ranked lower, but eventually won the victory." This is a new inter coach Pioli took office after the first game, Moratti said, "after the general coaching will bring good luck, but this game for Pioli is obviously not easy, this is a difficult game, but Pioli is a clever coach, he will try to make a full play to the best team. As for Milan coach Montella, he has proven himself to be doing well." Moratti also talked about the key players in the derby, "I Karl Di is our most important player, as long as the goal will think of him. If I could get rid of a player from the Milan squad? My choice is Donnarumma, he is a very good goalkeeper."