44Semiparalysis male director national armed drug trafficking case probation – make remote command Bei|Semiparalysis male director national armed drug trafficking case probation – make remote command Bei7

Semiparalysis male director national armed drug trafficking case probation made remote command Beijing News Database – the case involving 53 people included in the 2014 ten national narcotics trafficking 33 kilograms of drugs a drug dealer as a national staff of two dead and two slow two period in September 29th, Shenyang City Intermediate People’s Court of public Zhu Guobao 9 people suspected of trafficking, the transport of drugs 33 kg case open verdict: Zhu Kokubo and Chen Xuhong two people were sentenced to death, Shi Xiaomao, Liu Zhongtao two people were sentenced to death, others were sentenced to life imprisonment or the corresponding. The case is not only listed as major cases in Shenyang City People’s Procuratorate work report, 2014 ten national drug control classic case is in recent years the Shenyang trial court system and the number of people involved, the number of drugs involved the largest drug trafficking case. Surprisingly, the drug trafficking gang principal Chen Xuhong was actually a paralyzed probation committed. The major drug traffickers was paralyzed man in the morning of September 29th, the bailiff escorted Zhu Guobao 8 people wearing equipment turn into court. On the bench, there was little Chen Xuhong figure, Chen Xuhong suffering from the disease paralyzed unable to appear in court. Zhu Guobao, Chen Xuhong and other 9 people trafficking, transporting drugs 33 kg case, only 2014-301 part of the Ministry of public security target case. The first clue to the case came from a small drug case. Liaoning police investigation found a road dealer Chen Xuhong figure. It is surprising that Chen Xuhong was actually a paralyzed man, by remote command of the drug trafficking syndicates. Speaking of Chen Xuhong, the evil. Born in 1961, Chen Xuhong, Liaoyang, in 2004 was sentenced to life imprisonment for fraud, was sentenced to nineteen years in prison. In 2008 and 2012, Chen Xuhong two times because of illness by prison temporary probation. During the execution of the prison, Chen Xuhong is still suffering from severe illness does not repent, continue to sin, and ultimately to the on the road of no return. From the case of probation criminal gangs remote command in March 2011, Ms. sun’s brother was arrested because of illegal mining, detained in Yingkou City Detention center. In order to get out of her brother, Ms. sun after a friend found Chen Xuhong. Chen Xuhong together with Zhao lied to have the ability to release the sun’s brother, but need to relevant personnel commission. Ms. sun has been Chen Xuhong who cheated 650 thousand yuan. Just to cheat money, Chen Xuhong used the money to buy methamphetamine. From February 2014 to May, Chen Xuhong repeatedly from Hubei Tianmen area "on-line" Zhu Guobao buy drugs, Liu Zhongtao knowing Chen Xuhong to buy large quantities of drugs is still its contribution, and together with certain others to help drive the transport of drugs. Chen Xuhong will buy drugs in Yingkou, Fushun and other places of sale. Chen Xuhong due to physical inconvenience, usually rely on women’s coke, the man Zhang care, travel by Zhang holding up and down the stairs. In the process of drug trafficking, due to their physical mobility inconvenience, Chen Xuhong will coke, Zhang pulled down the water, remote command coke, Zhang two people involved in remittances, delivery and other work. Photo