44Half – Murray James lost an Luozhong column Liaozu temporary 0-0 Yatai|Half – Murray James lost an Luozhong column Liaozu temporary 0-0 Yatai1

Half – Murray James lost an Luozhong column Liaozu temporary 0-0 sina sports Yatai Yatai Liaozu battle on October 23rd in the afternoon 15:302016 season, the twenty-eighth round of Super League will continue, Liaoning Hongyun team sits against Changchun Yatai home court. The first half moreiro hit the post, James lost a house, the two sides had no contribution, temporary 0-0. Recently, the 4 round 1 win Liaozu 3 negative, the team has slowed the momentum of the first 13 home court this season, Liaozu achieved 6 wins 4 flat 3 negative results, the last 8 home court, Liaozu 6 wins 1 flat 1 negative good momentum; Yatai round home court 2-1 victory over national security, keep in the super hope, but the road capacity Yatai people bugangongwei, before the 13 league only scored 1 wins 3 flat 9 negative record, the last 7 away 2 flat 5 negative have not won. Liaozu and Yatai played 19 times in the history, Liaozu 5 wins 6 flat 8 negative at a disadvantage, but 9 times in the home court, in the face of Thailand has been 4 Liaozu 3 wins and only 2 losses record this season, the first round hand, Liaozu’s 2-0 win the yatai. The two sides Liaozu the starting lineup, Ujae, and James striker partner, foreign aid Mike suspended, Weiduoxiqi first and Kim Yasunobu as two wings; Yatai, send the strongest lineup, izmailov sits defense madzic; town midfielder, Morello and Bruno partner offensive line. After the game, second minutes, Yatai team led the attack, Fan Xiaodong straight forward breakthrough by Vidosic tripped up, Yatai obtained front left kick, kick to the edge of the box, James headed the rescue. After playing the opening two teams are not too placid, chances, sixth minutes, and a long pass, Morero front header, but offside. 1 minutes later, Morero took the ball to the left front, left Yatai penetrated into the restricted area before the chaos, Morero turned and fell to the ground, but the referee ignored. Ninth minutes, Yatai left to knock, inclined 45 degrees feet hanging into the box, and then rub moreiro to the door, Shi Xiaotian to put the ball firmly confiscated. From the beginning, Changchun occupy the initiative on the offensive, turn from a guest into a host, for as long as Yatai got three points can hope to escape. Thirteenth minutes, Morero at the top of the arc Foot Tease shooting did not play into the inside of a post. Nineteenth minutes, Liaozu long ball attack, a wild road scorpion before the end of the header rubs into the box, Jiang Zhe back to keeper mistakes, James to a small area on the left foot to form single opportunity mianduikongmen Dianshe crossbar. Twentieth minutes, Bruno took the ball into the box to the Morero, Morero right rib plug, do not adjust the direct shot by Shi Xiaotian saved. After 1 minutes, the Liaoning Hongyun attack, Kim Yasunobu pick James left foot, follow up into the box, hit the door, who was confiscated. Twenty-fifth minutes, the Liaoning Hongyun team get the chance again, Liu Shangkun left to find James, James break the cross knock to the middle, Ujae out of defense after the foot Tui, the ball struck the post crab. Twenty-eighth minutes, Jiang Zhe Ball Team Yatai peripheral to the door, izmailov headed towards the front of the defense force, Shi Xiaotian supports a single fist cross)