44A 67 year old man with a marathon before the age of 80 to run the 300 field sports Sohu|A 67 year old man with a marathon before the age of 80 to run the 300 field sports Sohu6

A 67 year old man with a marathon before the age of 80 to run the 300 field sports Sohu Beijing time on November 2nd, the 67 year old Geng allegiance is a hundred-percent runner, he started running from the age of 60, in the game will attract the attention of people every time. Geng loyalty said, he not only insist on running, but also to 80 years old. In 2003, in order to raise children, domestic subsidies, Geng allegiance from Heilongjiang came to Beijing, has a number of hospitals in the radiology department work, one thousand is ten years, become hundred-percent "drift family. Due to over 20 years of military background, Geng allegiance to the physical fitness is very good, he love sports, like running. In 2010, Geng allegiance has over sixty years, he was an unconventional way to make a challenging decision to practice running. He used the hospital playground to exercise, and took the initiative to call to join a number of long-distance running organization. Held in Beijing in 2011 Changping District spring race, Geng to finished in tenth place. This is the first time to Geng match practice after a long run in the. Also in that year, Geng allegiance attended the first marathon in his life. When he ran more than and 20 kilometers, legs began to ache, every step is painful, he insisted on walking after completion of the second half of the game, with a time of 5 hours and 43 minutes. In the hospital during the work, Geng to keep working six days a week, only one day of rest. He is easy to use this day, adhere to the Olympic Forest Park on the plastic track for long-distance running, distance from 15 km to an increase of up to 20 km to 30 km. In 2014, Geng joined the China veteran marathon to the club. Every weekend he goes to the park to train. For the amateur runners, running a marathon is a bit of money in every hobby, because the marathon will need to pay for their own registration fee. Beijing marathon registration fee is 200 yuan, the other provinces and cities marathon average registration fee between $80 to $120. To participate in different provinces and cities in the marathon held by the required transport costs, accommodation costs also need their own burden. Geng allegiance to the work of all these years the money in Beijing, in addition to send home her part, the rest are spent in a variety of marathon. In order to save costs, the car can not sit Geng to train, live is also a small hotel tens of dollars a night. These are paid for him to be able to put a table of large and small medals. He is currently the best performance in the 2014 Tianjin Development Zone in the International Marathon held in the whole 3 hours, 49 minutes and 09 seconds record. That year, 65 year old Geng allegiance. Geng allegiance also promised before the age of 80 completed 100 marathons desire. Xinjiang young entrepreneur Mr. Zhou father to see the story shocked, specially flew from Xinjiang to Beijing to meet with him, he decided to come up with 30 thousand yuan a year’s free support marathon "career", and help him complete a hundred dream marathon as soon as possible, do not need any return. (Alse)