43Weight loss cycle is too long He’s 6 months to do what you can’t do for 6 years|Weight loss cycle is too long He’s 6 months to do what you can’t do for 6 years5

Weight loss cycle is too long? He did 6 months to do what you can not afford to lose weight in the past 6 months after the Billy began to gain weight in 2006, today’s hero called Billy, and most people’s life trajectory, the following is the size of his work after the change in the body of the. 2006 began to gain weight.                       2007 to 10 pounds of fat rounded belly makes him uncomfortable, the body also followed the decline, until 6 months ago he decided to break it all. Big belly a long time ago, Billy has experienced numerous times to lose weight, but the pain of losing weight so that he was tough, not once a month. This time he began to record his fitness course, and quietly determined: even if you give up, but also to adhere to the end of 6 months.   the following is his 6 months of change, watching me silently thumbs up. Fitness first day. The first month Billy running every day, although very want to give up but still insist on down, this is Billy second months of photos, still very fat. Billy, almost every day sweating, he only hope this can persist for 6 months. Although the process is painful, but a blink of an eye has insisted for 3 months. This is the third month of the Billy photos of the third months of Billy has a slight change, physical fitness has also been greatly improved, exercise is not as tired as the original. He was done in one vigorous effort to stick to the fourth month, panzon lost half.   now his training intensity is also getting higher and higher, the beginning of the squat can not do a few squat, has now begun to squat squat. At the beginning of a pull-up can’t complete, can now complete the standard pull-up. In addition to exercise, he started every meal of their own, unlike in the past no longer eat Hesse hu. As time went by, it was fifth months before he was almost a man. The back of the meat is less obvious when away from the target at the end, he could hardly believe my eyes, just 6 months, Billy will see his abs.  : it’s not just the size of the body, but now his double chin is gone, and his face is clearer than ever before. Now he is no longer the delicious lazy Billy, regular fitness, Zaoshuizaoqi, love every day. Now he still has the habit of keeping fit, this is Billy’s latest photo, do you remember what he looked like 6 months ago? Once the pain of his fitness is: income is not real, but the pain is real. Want to give up, please practice 6 months. (turn from slimming class WeChat public number)