43Visit Manchester United partner dream Lily football development should learn to go|Visit Manchester United partner dream Lily football development should learn to go0

Visit Manchester partners "dream Lily" football development should go         Mlily China dream Lily become Manchester United global partners, October 31st, Manchester United player Rooney (in), Mata (left), Mlily founder Ni Zhanggen dream Lily (right two) and other guests at the conference on any photo photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Han Yan Xinhua news agency, London November 3rd sports news interview: China football should learn – go to visit United global partners "dream of Lily" founder Ni Zhanggen Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Zijiang to Manchester United’s decision, "Ni Zhanggen, founder of dream Lily" brand only spent less than an hour, but he didn’t think this is a hotheaded decision. "First of all, over the years, I really like Manchester United; second, we have the strength; third, Manchester United’s commercial value is there, their business operations, much better than Real Madrid and barcelona. These three reasons, I will not choose other teams, sitting in the lobby of the hotel in Manchester, he told Xinhua News Agency reporters. In March this year, united to a lot of China like a brand of letters, to see if they have the intention of sponsorship. When Ni Zhanggen saw it, he made a decision soon, because he knew that his company would be listed on the Shanghai stock exchange in October 13th, and he would have enough money to do it. "If it was received at this time last year, I wouldn’t do it". Although claiming to be a Manchester United fan when he was at college, he never thought that one day he would sponsor Manchester United because he couldn’t eat enough. Into the circle of football, and his company had to go back after the experience is not unrelated. Since 2013, his company has held the first world open chess tournament, which is the third world sponsored by the Chinese mainland. May 6, 2013, the first Mlily dream Lily cup world go open press conference held in beijing. Hua Xueming (right) and Ni Zhanggen signed a cooperation agreement and exchange hav’e Xinhua News Agency reporters Bi Mingming and she decided to go to sponsor in the conference, it is half an hour. "I believe in fate," he said. Under the leadership of Mourinho, Manchester United this season’s results are not ideal, after the 10 round, they are only ranked in the top eighth. However, you do not worry about the performance of Gen Manchester, he jokingly said: "this is like looking for a wife, not in the beautiful and rich people to chase, why you people at that time? I still hope that the two sides grow together, let the other side better." In October 29th 2016-2017, the Premier League tenth round match, Manchester United’s 0:0 draw with Burnley’s home court. Figure Manchester United player Ibrhimovic missed opportunities to score up the Xinhua news agency is only 41 years old, from the creation of the dream Ni Gen Lily this brand, to listed companies, only 10 years time. He denied that he is the leader and the company to buy the British Chinese Manchester united.