43It back 76 people after the manager denied selling potential inside look|It back 76 people after the manager denied selling potential inside look8

Mind? 76 manager denied selling potential inside: look after not trading? Sina sports news Beijing on September 23rd news, according to the "NBC" sports reports, 76 people in Philadelphia in this offseason to obtain adequate compensation, there is news that 76 people for frontcourt, trading some players, but before the 76 general manager Blaine Colangelo said ghazil – Okafor and Noel has not norens is put on the shelf. This summer, 76 people in Philadelphia were reinforced, they chose the Simmons signed with the champion from the draft, and signed with Dario – odd sand. As a result, 76 people have Saric, in front of Noel, Okafor, Joel de embid – the four young people, it is very crowded. In this case, there have been recent rumors that 76 people consider trading Noel and Okafor. However, Konon Gillo, general manager of 76 people, said the 76 people are not ready to trade in the case of Noel and Okafor. "I want to make a statement, that is not what we have to do things," Konon Gillo said, "I think I have always said this summer is that there is no doubt that we have three very talented players, this is a happy trouble." "But I never thought it would force us to do something, because the problem itself will disappear over time. With the contract negotiations and the free agent market, some problems will be solved, there are a lot of different things on the schedule staggered." Konon Gillo did not want to lose Noel and Okafor, because the two players are 76 candidates in the rookie, will become a restricted free agent, is going to stay, 76 people have the initiative. Even if you want to trade, 76 people can wait until next year to see the situation. Konon Gillo doesn’t seem to be dead. He can wait, like 76 people can wait to win. (goo DA)