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Boulter admit is not love Indoorsman politics after retirement will coach Boulter retired after the world is what kind of? Sports + reporter Xie Wei reported Boulter has said on the outside he had to retire in the next year after the world championships. "Training is the hardest part. If I don’t practice, I think I’ll be a track and field athlete forever. As you grow older, you need to be more disciplined. But frankly, I can’t do that much self-discipline, it’s too hard for me." Boulter explains why he retired. After the completion of the "33 consecutive" There was no parallel in history. in Rio, Boulter went to England for a few days, he participated in the senior party, the party appeared in the headlines, a group of girls around him. After attending a series of commercial moonlighting, Boulter will return to Jamaica, that is where he lived, he may continue to live after retirement. He still needs to work hard because he still has the World Championships next year. When asked about what to do after retirement, Boulter said he would join the charity, but he did not like politics. "There are always people who like to connect me with politics, but it’s not really good for me. To be frank with you, I’m not a political person and I’m not a coach, but I’m not going to leave the track. Sebastian, (IAAF president) Laiya had bought to find me, he said he wanted to find something that I can do. I think I will miss the track and field, I will be engaged in any industry in the future should be inseparable from the track and field, where I can only find energy, I can always feel that I am still part of the track and field." Boulter said that he is a typical Jamaican Reggae dance, love to love, and a lot when he was a Indoorsman. "I try not to interfere with the outside world. I rarely go out, unless I go to the club. Everybody wants to be close to me, see me, I’m used to it. If you pay enough attention to me, you will know that I am easy to get along with. When I started my career, I knew I needed to do that. I am also a person, but also have emotions, but when I see the fans, I will try to keep a smile, I know it means a lot for them, including shaking hands with me, such as physical contact, to meet I will meet." When Boulter said that, you may be hard to imagine, such a 9 Olympic gold medalist so approachable, the key is that even if he played big outside is acceptable, but Boulter will not. It has been counted, Boulter stood on the runway every 36 seconds to win a gold medal in the 100 meter run, most of the competitors need 45 cases, he only takes 41 steps, and his late course accelerated ability is very terrible. "I have been very confident, usually in the 50 meters when I knew I was able to win or lose, because I know I have much room for improvement here, I know he can beat me in front of or behind my opponent." On the runway of Boulter, has always been a. Now, his career is coming to an end, and his life P