41The battle of Cappella hit two career record he has become harden Stoudemire (video)|The battle of Cappella hit two career record he has become harden Stoudemire (video)3

The battle of Cappella hit two career record. He has become a little dream] [harden dunk dance + guards pick Capet pulled into a rocket flying James Stoudemire Tencent sports news November 20th 111-102 Rockets beat the jazz, two game winning streak, ranking rose to fifth in the west. Clint – Capet pulled the audience to get 20 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists, scoring and assists to create a career record. Play at the Mike DAntoni system, Cappella became one of the biggest beneficiaries, with more and more skillful he and Harden. Cappella played well if only pull out of Cappella, then, is an ordinary blue collar inside, he will not cast and three points, inside the back hit ability is very general, the main advantage is to defend and rebound. His defense and rebounding ability compared to Bismarck – Bi Yongbo this monster level, there is a certain gap, in a state of high not low. In today’s NBA, he belongs to the type that is being eliminated. Fortunately, Cappella met de Anthony, to harden and his partner, a small outbreak of the universe. Fourth to 4 minutes and 47 seconds, harden in the right three from a meter away dribble, Cappella unleashed an empty cut bottom line, harden the ball directly hanging in the past, Cappella received the ball is one handed dunk. This is not the first time Capet Raben game and James oops. With Cappella and Harden in front of the game, the air relay has become one of the most conventional weapons and rocket. See the two of them will make people think of this match, with Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire. Of course, harden scores in the ability of Nash, and Nash did not pass the organization and the peak period of freehand brushwork, Cappella and Stoudemire is a big gap, but he is harden stoudemire. A blue collar can produce such an energy, Cappella has done a good job. After the end of today’s game, Capet has scored 8 points in the first half of the season, and in his first two seasons, he scored only twice in the last 21 seasons. If Cappella stays today this performance, and harden more and more understanding, avoid foul trouble, he scored in double this season will become the norm. Compared to the score, Cappella today’s 5 assists is a bright spot, but also a career high. For Cappella, this season belongs to the outbreak of a season, he in November 15th against 76 people in the game sent out 5 blocks to create a career record. In today’s game, but also to create scoring and assists career record, the Rockets involved in offensive and defensive higher and higher. Cappella scored 18 and 5 points in his career and assists today. Perhaps Cappella’s personal ability is not as good as the "world of Warcraft" Dwight – but he is currently the best fit for the rockets and the players at the time of the game with the player of the year at the end of the game, but he is not the only one who is a player for the Rockets, but he is the best player for. Howard leaves the Rockets in the summer of 2016, and Cappella is his replacement. Whether it is offensive, defensive or fame, Cappella and Howard is not a grade, but he is not to fight for the ball, no star aura, can do a Anthony and Harden screw. (Tong Xin) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.