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Mourinho " " gambling; missed two unanswered about the disease in a cocoon around oneself recovery process – Sohu sports HD photo: Bbu Pogba Chuishou Lost Iraq Guardiola articles disciples Carnival after Moyers and Van Gaal, Mourinho was not spared, to become another person to lose the first Manchester derby Manchester United manager. After the game, Portugal crazy very frank, not playing Van Gaal’s philosophy. "My fault, because I am the manager, the team’s decision is my choice. This is football, sometimes the performance of the players so that the boss disappointed, and sometimes they can give us a big surprise." To maintain stability in the first round of the starting lineup, Mourinho made up of both wings, and were replaced by M F Kobita Liang lingard Mata and Marshall, as is the Manchester City Derby so this change let the media before officially announced the lineup can’t wait to get the word out, actually this is Mourinho a "gambling". Of course you don’t think Portugal crazy, before he bluntly: no matter who we are, the system is the same, Ashley young, who played as the shire horse play. But what is unexpected, M F Kobita Liang and Lin Jiade’s competitive state is too poor, the injured in the national team even once spread is likely to miss the Derby of the season, the latter had appeared, one up is tough. The performance of the past 45 minutes, the two are not fully prepared. Lingard catch mistakes frequently, mkhitaryan situation where to go or not. Manchester United play slowly because of the attack, the two wings can not fly up, the result is a direct result of the scene out of control score passive. This let Mourinho early in the second half will immediately make personnel adjustments, rush, Herrera was sent out. Two people on the scene of the scene played a very important role. Whether it is Herrera or Mata, had not been optimistic in the case of the real action has proved himself. After the appearance of Rush Forde also let Ibrahimovic no longer alone in the front, but the midfield problem still exists. The first three rounds of the game, Mourinho every time to make personnel adjustments are directed against Marshall, the three group of players in the midfield of the horse and the horse and the tower of the group of. In fact, spent 105 million euros to buy back the bogeba and no real burst of energy, his characteristics and current team Manchester United has no chemical reaction, a ball suddenly mad scene is good, but the lack of up front – and then throw the ball beaten back opponents certainly not want to see Mourinho. How to make changes from the lineup and personnel will be the key to determine whether Mourinho can lead Manchester United recovery as soon as possible. In addition the defense Blinder also has a "problem", it exposed the defects in the Van Gaal period of the Dutch Resistance and high balls, but his long ball instigated offensive is the specialty, how to avoid weaknesses, both are necessary for Blinder and the team. (Wen Zhi)