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"Bird uncle" or "special one" recently made a program, the topic of the program is, "bird uncle Mourinho can save Manchester United?". Based on the status quo of Manchester United, this may be a lot of Manchester United fans are concerned about the topic. My point is, it’s very difficult. Now Manchester United seems to have become the coach of Bermuda, who will fall into the pit. The reason is very simple, Sir Alex Ferguson to leave the club history brand is too deep, there is no coach to let Manchester on the new label. Or, no coach can really on par with Ferguson in height and pattern. Van Gaal is, "special one" is the same, at least for now. Have to admit, Mourinho is one of the strongest team for the rapid integration of one of the coaches. The "three Mu" in the political arena, that is to say, the first year of the integration team, won the championship second years, third years of infighting. This rule before Mourinho coach Real Madrid and two degrees coach Chelsea will be verified. Everyone knows that he is a "special one", who knows that he has a champion for the birth of the character and heart, but who knows where his weaknesses. That personality is too strong, often break the rules of character so that he can easily become a target for all. In addition, everyone knows that Mourinho is like a "God’s existence", which means that people do not allow him to fail, he is not allowed, which often let him live forever in great pressure. More people think that he is the best coach in the short title, but not to achieve a long-term goal of the role of the club. His tactical philosophy with practical give priority to, to win the ultimate goal, but it is difficult to have a team trained to only belong to your own style. Coach Guardiola is just the opposite. For more and more attention to immediate benefits and hot money Club giants, Mourinho, of course, is their first choice. In the last season, Van Gaal once again become the eye of the storm after the United fans had to wait in the stands out of the "bird tertiary mountain" slogan. But after a brief honeymoon, Mourinho seems to be out of the question. Just like last season at Chelsea, then suddenly a domino is down, everything is wrong. Mourinho can not become another Ferguson, this is the original topic, and now is how long Mourinho can stay at Manchester united. Sir Alex has coached Manchester United, England or Liverpool in the world, but the United for Ferguson time, but also the achievements of the Ferguson myth. But that is the feeling of that era, in today’s era, there is no rich and powerful willing to wait for more than three years for a champion. Different times, but also to Ferguson and the lack of contrast in the Mourinho. In addition, the status is not Sir Mourinho can have compared, in order to replace the more difficult. In English football, with many coach Alex frenemies, more people in the industry are admired with respect for him, even temporarily the enemy, also will let him three points, or not to fight cowardly. A point I once said, every time the United game, as long as Ferguson stood on the sidelines, the game did not start in Manchester United already?