415 people’s Congress pushed the force of five children into the national classroom|15 people’s Congress pushed the force of five children into the national classroom

15 deputies to the National People’s Congress force pushing children "five anti" into the classroom March 10th, tan and Liu Yang, Zhu Yuqing, Wei Jun Wang, the sensitivity, Mihelunsha & middot; abudu, Lee hawk and 15 deputies United submitted the "on the promotion of child safety" five anti "course enters the Garden" motion. Bill proposed to joint public welfare system resources, let children "five anti (sexual assault prevention, anti trafficking, anti violence, anti accident, disaster prevention education into the campus, the establishment of social linkage system, providing full range system of protection for children. On March 10, is participating in the national "two sessions", the National People’s Congress, famous young singer Tan Jing joint Liu Yang, Zhu Yuqing, Wei Jun Wang, the sensitivity, Mihelunsha & middot; abudu, Xiaoying, 15 deputies Joint submission of the a motion on the children’s safety. This entitled "on the promote child safety" five anti "course into the campus of the recommendations" of the proposal is in child safety fund children anti invasion project formed on the security protection of children nearly a year of study, research based on. Tan Jing said that in recent years, she continued to pay attention to young people, especially the living environment and healthy growth of rural adolescents. At present, including about 60000000 left behind children, including children’s safety problem, is the social vulnerable nerve. She told reporters: "to solve the security problems of children can’t rely on it alone, children" five anti "means to enter the campus not just a project, but a joint public welfare system resources to ‘one-stop’ to address the needs of children, for children to provide a full range system protection." Figure: Tan Jing, deputy to the National People’s Congress, young singer attention to children’s physical and psychological safety, urgent recently, with the new semester, school violence after another, have fights student crazy fan a slap in the face, stripped of clothes to shoot a video of, the teacher the corporal punishment student cause of disability and so on events frequently appear in newspapers, causing the attention of all walks of life. Campus violence has become a malignant tumor affecting the healthy growth of children. "In addition to campus violence, the types of injuries include trafficking, sexual abuse, natural disasters, accidents and so on. This is not only for the family, for the school, for the whole society, it is a kind of urgent pressure and challenge." Tan Jing said that this is not only the students and teachers of ideological awareness, but also some of the lack of education level. Her two sessions this year, the motion on this issue started. According to the survey, only in 2015, the media broke the news of the child’s sexual abuse cases statistics, as high as more than 300 onwards, almost every day in a corner of the country to have a child’s evil. And these are just after the media reported that more tragedies are happening. Children are trafficked though is a social pain point. In front of broke into the natural disasters, more children are weak. The accidental injury in daily life learning is also a threat to children’s health and safety. In addition, the survey found that children’s access to security knowledge and understanding there are many deficiencies, for a lot of knowledge and prevention of damage is not even a lack of knowledge. Tan Jing told reporters, children are in the life of education, long body, the key period of developing healthy psychology, they do not.