40Pacheco Xan Monteiro’s valuable creative player in his system|Pacheco Xan Monteiro’s valuable creative player in his system5

Pacheco Xan Monteiro in his system of valuable creative players over the source: under TEDA Yatai football newspaper special correspondent Jin Ming reported heavy beat both, there is no doubt that Monteiro is the greatest hero, he is in the second half of the 1 goals, helping to win the TEDA road Baoji 3 precious points. In evouna before Monteiro TEDA is the history of the highest price, 5 million euro + barcos, for him, the Tianjin fans have great expectations, hope he led back to the TEDA super forefront, and then coach okuka, also be regarded as the heart attack, the absolute main force. The first two rounds of Super League, TEDA is Monteiro didn’t bring home court, but the goal, until the third round, he was officially opened, it is worth mentioning that, when the opponent is the TEDA TEDA, a crazy 4 than 4, then, to the distant full game, Monteiro also scored, but the outside world and look forward to compared with the Columbia people do, is clearly not enough, most of the time, fans saw his wasted opportunity. For a time, the sound of four smuggled goods, but Monteiro resisted the pressure, "compared to Lisbon, compared to the American big alliance, met in Tianjin the pressure isn’t what." He also said that he would like to play in a state of high pressure, "this time, I will show my ability, I enjoy the process." The seventh round of home court hit Yongchang, Montero broke out, a volley with a volley, help TEDA 2 – 0 victory, the audience shouted his name. It is worth mentioning that Montero could not find the state, and his position was ultimately related, okuka not let him play on the left side, not the top in the front, but played 9 and a half — his most familiar position. Since Pacheco took over, but this arrangement, in front of him, there is always a person charge, and wings are barbarian days and Hui Jiakang (previously Zhou Tong). Monteiro has the ability, but he is also a system player, with the right position, a good system, he can play the maximum energy." A club insider said taida. Monteiro scored 4 goals before the game, TEDA did not lose, known as "Monteiro’s law", but since then, TEDA poor record, and although he is in for two games and decimating Lifan also scored, but the team has more than 2 to 3 of the same score lost the ball, then also okuka because of poor record class. Replace okuka is Pacheco, the Portuguese had to play Monteiro, he is very familiar with, "Monteiro is a valuable player in the system." The first two games, TEDA 1 flat 1 negative, Pacheco was very worried, but he has no way. The twenty-fourth round of Jianye home court game, is a turning point, although only the opening 5 minutes TEDA will lose the ball, but in the first half stoppage time, Monteiro saved the team, he received a pass in the left Li source shot in front of the box, the ball straight into the corner, then evouna at the end of the game will lock the score for the 2 1, TEDA reverse; twenty-fifth round trip to Suning, although the 0 lost 2, but Monteiro has the chance to score, but unfortunately, he failed to seize the opportunity. The 21 day of the game Yatai home court, Montero finally grasped.