3Three of the family annual income of 126 thousand re allocation of deposit money to make business fi|Three of the family annual income of 126 thousand re allocation of deposit money to make business fi


Mr. Yang, 31 years old, procedures for the development of Hong Kong enterprises, after tax monthly salary of 8000 yuan. His wife Xiao Hu, insurance company, after tax monthly salary of 2500 yuan. Daughter 3 years old, on kindergarten.

fixed deposit 100 thousand yuan, there is no car, housing a total of 4 layers, self occupied enough. Husband and wife two insurance 300 thousand (covering life insurance, illness, accident, personal safety, hospitalization and dividends), 7000 yuan per person per year (20 years). Daughter a health insurance, a bonus insurance, annual premium of 6000 yuan (20 years), 2100 yuan per year to receive. Annual household insurance spending 20 thousand yuan. The main cost of a total of 2600 yuan per month (telephone charges 200 yuan, 700 yuan for the daughter of kindergarten, transportation costs 200 yuan, 1500 yuan of daily living expenses).

– Analysis of financial condition

Yang three family income stable, no debt. Annual income of 126 thousand, more than 50 thousand annual expenditure. But in addition to the fixed deposit, no other financial investment. Family insurance level is good. Monthly disposable income needs to make investment arrangements, the need to develop her daughter’s education plan.

proposed to broaden the financial variety, the integration of asset allocation, to arrange the existing funds and monthly disposable income, to achieve the goal. Due to the family, the target for 5 years domestic demand more than 30 million business, if need money can also be financial misappropriation of funds, so customer asset allocation should be mainly to low risk and stable income, realized flexible mainly, investment specific financial products, bonds funds and money funds. Her education requires monthly amount of gold accumulated investment in fixed investment products. Fund investment, fixed investment gold products are a good choice.

regularly open Zhaiji + deposit fund investment capital

financial goals

plans 5 years of more than 300 thousand of the funds to do business.

first, to set aside a family emergency reserve fund, to meet the needs of the family’s emergency. The amount required to meet the family expenses of 3 months to six months, it is recommended to retain about 20 thousand yuan as an emergency reserve fund in order to respond to emergencies in a timely manner. It is suggested that the customer will be used as a demand deposit or purchase a currency fund with low liquidity and risk.

ready to do business funding needs to be 5 years will be used, so select the product needs to take into account the following characteristics: a relatively long period, the risk is relatively low, and spend less time and energy. Regularly open bond funds have this feature, the market is a common open bond funds closed period of one year and three years closed, closed during the purchase and redemption operation can not be carried out. So 100 thousand yuan recommended to buy a regular open bond fund, the deadline can be based on the customer’s own liquidity needs, to do 3 years and 1 years of different. As a result of a closed period of regular open bond funds, there is no need to keep the cash position at any time to deal with the redemption, so that products can take a high position and leverage, access to higher income