3The man with a knife robbed trick prostitute prostitution of women they have the money did not dare |The man with a knife robbed trick prostitute prostitution of women they have the money did not dare

Male prostitution knife rob prostitution of women: they are rich also dare not report – Beijing Beijing Morning News Hotline 96101 news (reporter Zhang Jingya) "at that time the family quarrels, a female still clutching his belly to run out of turn, stomach blood." Near a village in Majiabao, Liu said, 3 days inside a woman who was armed with a knife to scratch. Beijing Morning Post reporter yesterday from the Fengtai police learned that turned out to be a man door prostitution, see prostitution female and heart malicious knife robbery, the man has been police criminal detention, two prostitutes in administrative detention. Citizen Ms. Liu memories, in the afternoon at around 1, hear the next two women and a man in a quarrel, "that day to fight sound particularly large, which a girl then cried, then their house and suddenly the door opened, run out of a man, panic in panic to waiting for the elevator. When I saw me, I was shocked, the elevator was not sitting, I ran downstairs from the stairs ". Liu turned around and saw one of the girls next door clutching his stomach came out, the hand is full of blood. "She wore a flesh colored tights, with a lot of blood on the clothes. I quickly asked her whether or not the police, the little girl said no, give her a little alcohol swab on the line". Ms. Liu felt the situation is wrong, or the police. Reporter then learned from the police, the original of the two women is through the micro channel prostitution, the man about good time home prostitution, who came into the room and didn’t say a few words took out a knife and they want to put the money with, two prostitution female immediately and men quarrel, during a woman is scratched, two people to a total of man 4000 yuan. After the incident, the police through the surveillance to men’s whereabouts, will soon captured ji. According to his confession, this period of time has been committing the crime two onwards, the goal is prostitution female, they have money, but not to report". At present, the man has been under criminal detention, two female prostitutes were detained.