3The Department of education in the Tibetan mountains black private school two examination have cold-|The Department of education in the Tibetan mountains black private school two examination have cold-

"Black private school hidden deep in the mountains the education department checked twice eat Doo – in the new network on March 5, readers have reported that, with a private school hidden deep in the mountains, without a license without a qualification in Shangzhou District, up to recruit 10 students, at least when there are five or six students enrolled in," school "to teach the students is Guoxue. In the face of such a private school, Shangzhou District relevant departments of the two examination, have suffered cold-shoulder treatment. And do scholars say, they recruit are relatives of the baby, there is no school said. In the end is not illegal school? The Department of education in a dilemma: "there is no relevant provisions of the policy, not well defined, is unable to realize the supervision." Informant said violations of running from the regulation recently, a reader Xianghua daily lift reported that there is a village in Shangzhou District Yang Xie Zhen, pay contract school, recruit the Xi’an many students live on campus, teachers do not have qualification certificate, teach children Chinese, English and other courses, the quality of education didn’t supervision. The informants also said that the contractor recruiting is Xi’an compulsory education stage of the students, the relatively high fees, school long-term locked the door, because of remoteness, no one went to check. In May 3rd, the China Daily reporter Yang Xie Zhen Hua Lin came to visit. Bring this private school to school, the villagers no wonder. Someone said, the school door is always locked, few people can go in. A villager surnamed Jia said that this place is the original of the garrison place, was later buy Xian, here to engage in farming, to open the hotel, started last year schools, often access to students. Many villagers confirmed that there are up to more than and 10 students in the school, there are at least five or six. Reporter survey the school gate locked outsiders to enter the Chinese reporter field survey found, the private school is surrounded by walls, covers an area of dozens of acres, the black iron gate locked, in front of the door close to the phone number. Reporter Station in high places to see, the hospital has several brick house just built, workers under construction, the reporter then knocked at the door, hospital a claiming to be surnamed Xu man across the door of speaking in Guanzhong accent said, this place is they buy, refused to enter. After 10 minutes, Chinese News reporters once again came to the came to the door to bright Ming identity, want to go in the understanding of the situation, xuxing man refused to press enter, when reporters to come up with the camera, who was surnamed responsible for who opened the door to go out, seize the reporter’s camera and rude, remember argue of infected, the other returned to the camera. Helpless, Chinese daily news reporter dialed the Shangzhou District Education Bureau telephone, quickly, the board of education appointed Yang Xie center school principal, who rushed to the scene, reporters accompanying staff came to the door and knocked on the door several times no one answered. Village cadres, Yu responsible person opens the door, refused to field personnel to enter, said school are relatives of the baby, not admit in the school. Department of education examination were eating the doo "last year, we, according to a report from the masses had to check off, when the other party does not cooperate with. Later in coordination with the local village cadres into to the campus." Yang Xie Zhen Center School is responsible for the person, then go in found inside a nine students, 11 years old, a minimum of five years, two "teachers" and students "textbooks.