3South Daily cheating into the punishment has a warning education significance – View – People’s netw|South Daily cheating into the punishment has a warning education significance – View – People’s netw

Nanfang Daily: cheating into the penalty with warning education significance – View – People’s network, the original title: cheating into criminal with warning education significance of Beijing Haidian procuratorate recently on suspicion of instead of taking a test crime of ringers, CAI and training those beams of a prosecution. It has also become the "criminal law amendment (nine)" after the formal implementation is the first case of legal punishment of criminal law. Cheating event repeated, in addition to the candidates for the individual motivation and some illegal organizations to provide help, the behavior of people is not enough to punish is also a very important reason. Such as in the event of Cai said, that this is not his first training cheating, the reason for repeat offenders is because prior to this once they are found, the invigilator "let me go, no punishment." On one side is the training of phenanthrene "income", the other side is no real deterrent warning, once the candidate astray, it is easy to deeper and deeper. The introduction of nine punishment "akin to is to give a wake-up call to illegal behavior, which states:" in the laws and regulations of the national examination, organize cheating, three years of fixed-term imprisonment or criminal detention, or impose a fine; if the circumstances are serious, than three years and not more than seven years or with imprisonment, fined. " Both jurisdiction and punishment are more than the previous administrative norms, so the desire to cheat had to weigh weigh. The nine punishment "and on the law applicable to the object of classification systems, cheating organizers provide" cheating helped "" to provide answers to questions "and" training and training "were included in the standard scope, covering the cheating may relate to the various processes. The clause has strong applicability and flexibility, any "state" of the test can be applied, it will be independent of the method of nano rigorous legal system, expanding the scope of application. Because of the repeated examination cheating, people are more concerned about the "punishment nine" can eliminate this phenomenon. Cheating behavior reflects the cheaters in front of opportunistic temptation lack of concentration, which with the moral self-discipline ability is poor. However, the difference and distance between the law and the code of ethics and ethics is always there, and hope that through the perfection of the law to solve the moral problem completely, is not in line with the actual situation. "Cheat into the penalty provision of cheating industries of the whole production line regulation, and given a heavier punishment, but punishment form property and personal liberty to a certain limit, the ineradicable cheaters later return to prostitution. And strict laws and regulations, criminals may seize every opportunity to find an opportunity, not to mention the national examination this involves extremely broad, implicated in a high degree, cheating in the covert of extremely strong. So although cheating has been into the penalty, but can not make the criminal law alone, cheating on the surface just violate the fair exam, actually hurt the other candidates fair to participate in the examination of rights, restrictions on the examination right and deprivation is to them the most severe punishment established through lightness higher personal credit files, to strengthen the role of the integrity of the file in the production and life, to cheaters have a more lasting deterrent. The examination is the most suitable and the highest level of the selection of talents. In addition to the reform of the legal norms of the state judicial department, in order to prevent cheating, the.