3Shaanxi bus rushed into the market in Zhouzhi County crowd caused 2 dead 6 injured (Figure) – Societ|Shaanxi bus rushed into the market in Zhouzhi County crowd caused 2 dead 6 injured (Figure) – Societ

Zhouzhi County, Shaanxi Province, China bus rushed into the market crowd causing two dead and 6 injured (Figure) – social – People’s network, the original title: bus rushed into the market crowd caused two dead and 6 injured Chinese daily news (reporter Xiao Bo Li) March 19 in the afternoon, in Zhouzhi County, people are still immersed in visiting the rally in the festive atmosphere, a minibus bus suddenly rushed to the side of the road in the crowd, resulting in the death of a woman and a girl, 6 people were injured. Yesterday, the bus driver was under criminal detention. The bus crashed stalls is rolled underneath the March 18 coincides with the tenth day of the first month of the lunar new year in February, Zhouzhi County years inherited a day, the general will continue for two or three days time. According to local villagers say that coincides with a meeting time, next to the Guanzhong link is not spacious terminal station on the road always gathered a large number of peripheral even outside the traders and the masses, vendors on both sides of the road stretches for more than a kilometer. The 19 day, the day before the rally has many deserted, but the end of Station Road East or gathered a lot of vendors. Afternoon 3 when Xu, close to Guanzhong link direction end station road south, but also market tail, a fried stalls surrounded by some people, beside the still sell lamps and lanterns and fruit vendors. Suddenly, a bus 101 bus rushed toward the side of the road, overturned the fried stalls after it knocked down to sell lamps and lanterns stalls until he hit the selling fruit stalls the car stopped, the roadside gathered the people have a lot of people were involved in the underbody. In the bus after three or four meters on the side of the road lay a woman alongside a child and a car was damaged in the stroller. More than ten meters away from the road in the middle of an electric bicycle, next to a person lying on the side. Under the force of the surrounding people to rescue, we will be the scene of the injured to the hospital for emergency. After the accident, Zhouzhi County, the county government the main leadership attaches great importance to immediately arrange two deputy magistrate, the organization of county government office, the Public Security Bureau, Health Bureau, Department of transportation and other departments rushed to the scene and the hospital, the wounded and accident disposal command, and set up a rescue injured group and aftermath of the working group, the accident investigation team were to start work. Villagers said the bus routes in operation not in the section of the incident yesterday morning, Chinese business newspaper reporter came near the incident, according to the incident at the scene of the villagers, after the car lying in women for the nearby villagers, died on the spot; and a 1 year old girl rushed to the hospital after rescue invalid death; and another 6 different degree injury. A shop selling clothes vendors said, on the afternoon of 19 when gathering flow of people is not small, live miserable very, adults and children should is a family, too bad. " This is the name of the vendors said, like that of the rural market, near the village will hang out, many people, vehicle access difficult, if a car suddenly rushed over, they must avoid less. According to nearby villagers said that the operation of the bus route 101 is not in the road. The villagers from the description of the field of view, the bus may be in order to avoid the electric bicycle was rushed into the crowd, but also out of the more than ten meters after it stopped down. Scene of the incident is still left with a clean fruit residue, fried food and blood, etc.. Yesterday morning, in the Zhouzhi County People’s hospital emergency department nurse on duty.