3Phoenix in the review Russia central Asia Series Turkmenistan purchase hq9 insurance credit Chinese|Phoenix in the review Russia central Asia Series Turkmenistan purchase hq9 insurance credit Chinese

Phoenix military assessment: Russian series of dishonesty in Central Asia Turkmen hq9 Insurance China Russia dishonesty central Turkmen purchase hq9 against China to Turkmenistan being test fired a "red flag" 9 missile purchase, together with purchasing and "red flag" 12a missile, when Turkmenistan will have previously Ukraine and Turkey do not have low in high spatial coverage and strike capability. (information) of Phoenix Phoenix Military Army awarded April 5, referred to "red flag" 9 missile exports, many people will be issued such a sigh "chicken abuse me a thousand times, I treat chicken as first love". But this helpless recently with Turkmenistan’s high-profile procurement of China’s "red flag" 9 and "red flag" 12A missiles and completely become history. In a small series of opinion, whether Chinese or Chinese missiles, is actually the final selection of the Central Asian countries, but this time with Turkmenistan to begin, Central Asia backward China is expected. Ukraine was dismembered shook central Turkmen brutally in the US and Europe to sell figure as "Turkmenistan natural gas export pipeline map", Russia’s presence not only makes the Turkmenistan will be its natural gas exports to Europe, difficulties, for their own brought quite realistic military threat. (information) if the Turkmenistan purchasing Chinese missiles are regarded as an isolated event, the interpretation of will be difficult, but if you look into the Ukrainian civil war so far in this period of time to open to see, things are hard to understand. As we all know, today’s Ukraine strife source in 2013 the Ukrainian presidency of the pro Russian President Viktor Yanukovych suspended political and trade agreements signed with the European, instigated by the western countries color revolution. For always as civil unrest in Ukraine spectators of Central Asian countries. At this time, the United States and Russia actually who is right and who is wrong is not important, civil strife in the Ukraine let them real in the know, whether explicit backward Russia which country, another party has the ability to ordered domestic to civil strife. And, since the unrest in Ukraine after the start, the Central Asian countries is not always safe from Russia clearly. This also explains why, with the protagonist of this article, Turkmenistan in 2015 asked NATO to help protect the country in the Afghan border, and to accept U.S. military aid. In early 2011, Turkmenistan and other Central Asian countries appeared "to the Russian" trend, Russia, "the independent" also wrote an article warning Central Asian countries "(if Turkmenistan) in this issue (the delimitation of the Caspian Sea) ignore Russia’s position and open confrontation is likely to lead to the military conflict." Therefore, Turkmenistan is central Asia five countries and the United States close to the fastest pace of the country, the country even in the Bureau of border guard boats equipped with American missile, but then, the United States to make the Turkmenistan disappointed. For a long time, Russia has been reluctant to carry out the Caspian Sea delimitation with Central Asian countries, because once the demarcation, Turkmenistan will be able to implement the trans Caspian gas pipeline project, the domestic resources to the European market. By then, the earth’s natural gas can compete in Europe and russia. But in 2015 the last moment of negotiations between the two countries in the Caspian Sea demarcation, the United States and the European Union to retreat, and ultimately lead to the Caspian Sea gas demarcation again on hold, Turkmenistan was sold. Turkey cooperation safety factor Gao Hong)