3North tonight will meet the strong winds and local heavy rain in southern 7 provinces and cities hav|North tonight will meet the strong winds and local heavy rain in southern 7 provinces and cities hav

North tonight will welcome the wind local Blizzard South seven provinces rainfall (Figure) original title: north wind cooling 7 provinces and cities in local Blizzard South China heavy rainfall weather network news today (31) is the last day of March, temperatures in the north will rise to the highest point of the recent, north part of the region up to a maximum temperature of 26 degrees, compared with significantly higher over a year earlier. However, it is expected from the beginning of the night, a strong cold air will affect the eastern part of our country, bringing wind cooling, the northern local dust and heavy snow, the South has strong rain and strong convective weather. North local cool 14 degrees in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, there are heavy snow at the end of 3, the country most of the weather calm, warm and cool in the north of the south. Yesterday, the maximum temperatures in the eastern part of the western part of Inner Mongolia, China north, Huang Huai and northwest generally reached more than 20 DEG C, local has exceeded 25 DEG C, also in central and Western Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Shanxi, Northern Shaanxi, northern Ningxia, western Gansu and Xinjiang area yesterday of the highest temperature reached local high this year, including the capital city of Hohhot, Taiyuan, Yinchuan and Jinan. Expected temperature today will continue to rise, Inner Mongolia is mid slant south region, the northeast region south, the North China plain area maximum temperature of 22 to 24 DEG C, in the southern part of North China in some areas up to 26 degrees Celsius above, higher than the same period the year 8 to 10 degrees Celsius. However, from the beginning of the night, the weather will be a turning point. In March 30th, Beijing’s most famous cherry blossoms Yuyuantan ushered in the best period of ornamental cherry. Central Meteorological Observatory is expected to be affected by the strong cold air, today night to April 3rd, most of the eastern part of the country from north to South will have a strong wind cooling. Among them, Inner Mongolia, Northeast China and North China cooling 8 to 10 DEG C, local up to 12 DEG C; North China Southern to Huang Huai and other cool 6 to 8 DEG C, local up to 10 DEG C; Jianghuai region to the south central and northern parts of cooling 4 ~ 6 degrees centigrade, local up to 8 degrees, the maximum temperature decreased by a big margin will be reduced to 12 to 16 degrees; Yangtze River in north area associated with 4 ~ 6 level northerly wind, gust 7 ~ 8. In addition, 31 08 when to April 1, 2008, South Xinjiang basin, Inner Mongolia, western Liaoning Province, in the west of Jilin Province, western Gansu, Ningxia northern, northern Hebei and other parts of the blowing sand or dust weather. Among them, Inner Mongolia in the upper Midwest local have a sandstorm. Central Meteorological Station 06, 31, continue to release the blue warning of sand dust storm. March 31st, Heilongjiang and other places have snow, rain and other places in the south. Expert interpretation: strong cold air will hit in the eastern part of the local cooling 12 DEG C affected by strong winds, April 1-3, in the northern part of North China, northwest of Gansu, South Xinjiang basin with sand and dust weather, local sandstorm. In addition, nightly today to tomorrow, northeastern Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang northwest ministry has in to heavy snow, blizzard in some areas, the cumulative snowfall 6 ~ 12 mm, the local up to 15 ~ 22 mm; snow depth is 5 to 10 cm, and the local up to 15 cm. Precipitation in some areas may be relatively rare in the history of the same period. Huang Huai to the northern part of the south of the Yangtze River with heavy rain or record breaking local rainfall is expected, from April 1st to 3 at night, yellow.