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Nanfang Daily: solution scribbled case should not be like breaking "Double Dutch" so difficult – View – People’s network original title: Solutions of scribbled case should not be like breaking "Double Dutch" so difficult recently, "Double Dutch case with an article entitled the patient Tucao records scribbled" reports once again become a hot topic. Reported that the local planning commission to take a clear stand, "will in accordance with the provisions to increase penalties, resolutely put an end to sloppy records and prescription. In fact, a similar complaint and the official position of the patient, it is not uncommon. Almost every once in a while, handwritten medical records such as "Double Dutch" "code" and "talismans" controversy, it will because of a report or a net posts busy time. Especially in many years ago, the state health department has promulgated "basic norms of medical records", once the Bible records appeared again and again is the true to, will inevitably lead to a variety of malicious speculation that the medical community dispute is weak. Origin of the "mumbo-jumbo records", seems to have been difficult to. Although some netizens said solemnly, "ancient witch doctor is not the separation of, doctor to write a prescription is considered to deter Shung sign paper", but this can only be when a joke to listen. Another speculation is that traditional Chinese medicine in order to avoid exclusive secret by peers to steal, writing a prescription will form a and only one of us can understand the rules of grammar. But this is no way explain compared with diagnosis and treatment more standardization of modern Western doctors, the writing of the medical records often look like a tadpole. There is a saying is "past relevant departments have specific provision, some medication and inspection report not to the patient specific open, but a significantly for refuting the phenomenon is, many general internal medicine clinic doctors to write medical records the same handwriting illegible. So for patients, both from the traditional habit or the humanistic view of, there will be a natural why most doctors is confused "cursive lovers". According to the interpretation of the part of the doctor friends and records the content is mainly to self or peer, besides industry already exist universal simplified writing and as unified medicine language Latin, even and neat, patients may not understand. Do not know whether this represents a kind of general psychology, but the report cited "ligatures medical records are lack of patience and how can calmly" question show that doctors to the concept will obviously make patients more dissatisfaction. In my opinion, patients are more curious than ever written about medical records, to a large extent is to find a doctor’s professional attitude of the evaluation of the scale of the existing specific doctor-patient relationship. In fact, because do not understand the medical terminology and challenged the medical records of only a few, only a part of people will think the Bible records in referral to other doctors will have trouble illness repeated, quite a few people harbor "deliberately let the patient to look not to understand" speculation. Therefore, from the perspective of improving the relationship between doctors and patients, especially in the case of the health department clearly defined, the doctor may wish to write a number of medical records are easy to identify. Of course, for this group of doctors is a retort, the main reason is, a morning to admissions thirty or forty patients, frequent, fatigue writing, coupled with many similar condition, the drug names of prescriptions, the result will only more write to more out of shape. I think this statement is realistic.