3Li Jiheng concerted efforts to win the fight against poverty – local leaders – People’s network|Li Jiheng concerted efforts to win the fight against poverty – local leaders – People’s network

Li Jiheng: work together to fight poverty battle — local leaders – People’s network win yesterday (20), full (Yunnan Province) "bag for poverty alleviation and strengthening in village poverty alleviation work team work video conference was held in Kunming. Provincial Party Secretary Li Jiheng, governor Moses Chan made instructions to the meeting. Li Jiheng pointed out that to carry out the assault fortified positions that help deficient up "hanging points leader, Department of Bao Cun, cadres to help families" and "turn style go grassroots times visit impoverished village poor households" work, is the provincial Party committee, the provincial government to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping, poverty alleviation and development of strategic thinking and implementation of precise poverty, accurate out of poverty a major work deploy. Since the work, at all levels of Party committees, the government unified thought, compaction responsibility, the initial establishment of filing riser poverty county, township, village and households bag to help network and overlay in the village to help the poor to work as a team, the results should be affirmed. In 2016, our province is synchronized with the national comprehensive well-off society built the decisive stage of the first year. Hope that all departments across the province especially the "bag for poverty alleviation departments and units to seriously study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping of poverty alleviation and development strategy, in-depth implementation of the central and provincial poverty alleviation and development work conference, in accordance with the overall layout of" five in one "and" the four overall strategic layout requirements, firmly establish and implement the five development ideas strengthen leadership, responsibility, responsibility, innovation, focus on the poor county, rural poverty, poverty out of the households out of poverty, based on department advantage, industry advantage, its advantages, combined with the actual object, the bag to help improve the supporting mechanism, to take extraordinary measures, took strong measures to promote co-ordination. Classification and precise measures and policies to promote the work. Hope all in village poverty alleviation work team flutter body, rooted in the poor areas, and the majority of poor people live and eat together, the painstaking effort and sweat sprinkled on the precise poverty first-line, ensure the real poverty, help the poor, work together to fight to win the battle of deficient assault fortified positions, for our province and the country synchronization completed a comprehensive well-off society to make new and greater contributions. Chen Hao pointed out that carry out bag for poverty alleviation, selected in village poverty alleviation work team is precise poverty, accurate out of poverty on the basis of engineering, at all levels and relevant departments and units to fulfill the poverty alleviation, institutional arrangements. Current poverty has entered the decisive victory of an important period, each bag help poverty alleviation departments and units to and enhance good bag to help poverty alleviation work responsibility, sense of mission and sense of urgency, accurately grasp the job requirements, give full play to their own advantages, to strengthen measures to assist, choose strong selected players, aimed at poor, help the poor, really poor, efforts to resolve the masses of poverty are most concerned about the interests of the most direct and realistic, resolutely fight to win, get rid of poverty in this tough battle, and with the national synchronized fully completed a well-off society in an all-round way. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He pointed out that to conscientiously implement the Li Jiheng secretary, Governor Chen Hao important instructions spirit, accurately grasp and implement hang County Bao Cun help users "requirement, broaden the thinking of helping, helping to strengthen the measures, to further enhance the" bag for poverty alleviation work efficiency, ensure the on schedule to achieve poverty county, poverty hat, poor villages out of poverty and the column, poor households out of poverty. To clear responsibilities and tasks, improve the management and operation, to ensure that the team is full of strength