3Japan will promote technological innovation in the control of unmanned aerial vehicles to a minimum |Japan will promote technological innovation in the control of unmanned aerial vehicles to a minimum

Promoting technology innovation in Japan will be the UAV control control in minimum – in Beijing Beijing February 16, according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese government on the 15th of this month held small talks without application of man-machine of officials and the public consultation meeting. The meeting confirmed that the control of the UAV will be controlled to a minimum, to avoid the policy of technical innovation. April 2015, the prime minister’s official residence found that the roof of the fall of the UAV, the Japanese government to strengthen the control of the UAV flight zone and so on. The conference shows that the Japanese government will actively promote the research and application of the UAV test. Data figure: uav. Japanese media pointed out that if the UAV application in the logistics and medical fields to make progress, you need to establish rules to avoid conflicts with the general aircraft. To this end, the Japanese government plans to determine the general direction in the fall of this year. Meeting, the Japanese Ministry of internal affairs fire department put forward the fastest in 2019 year using UAV in the disaster site to automatically collect information plan. Allegedly, by SONY’s subsidiary, such as the establishment of the Aerosense company (located in Tokyo) is developing the automatic delivery of supplies uav. Ministry of land and transportation will also promote the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the area of the investigation and other areas of volcanic. Japan’s industry with the Unmanned Aircraft Association predicts that if the technology research and development to make progress, to 2030 of the UAV to take up the work of overseas transportation.