3Guangxi high-speed truck caught fire 300 live sheep Roasted Whole Lamb (Figure) – Sohu news|Guangxi high-speed truck caught fire 300 live sheep Roasted Whole Lamb (Figure) – Sohu news

Guangxi speed of a truck fire 300 live sheep become "Kaoquan Yang" (Figure) – Sohu News February 15th morning 4 48 points Xu, located in Nanquan high-speed Guangxi Guilin to Liuzhou Liuzhou East Exit ten miles distance, a car carrying more than 300 live goat truck tire fire. Liu East fire squadron after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene to put out the fire. The accident caused no casualties, but 300 live goats had become "Roasted Whole Lamb", suffered heavy losses. After the fire brigade arrived at the scene of the accident, they found a large truck loaded with live goats parked on the roadside, the fire site for the truck’s left rear tire. At this time the fire is in a violent burning stage and quickly spread to the front of the car. High speed traffic police on the incident area has been taken to the road closure, no vehicle traffic. The fire brigade immediately laying gun positions to extinguish the fire, after half an hour of hard, success will extinguish the fire, but trapped the goat in the car has been burned. Mr. Dong truck driver is introduced, the whole truck is equipped with more than 300 goats, is transported from Shanxi to Nanning, high-speed way Nan Quan Liuzhou Road, left rear wheel burst tire fire, then pull over to come down to check, the fire quickly spread to the car, due to wool flammable, into a piece of burning, the fire simply can not control and the goats are kept in a cage, by fire and high temperature burn and all died. At present, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. (correspondent Xie Yang Jiang Yifa)