3Girls posing as flight attendants 4 years to cheat male friends 300 thousand called it sb|Girls posing as flight attendants 4 years to cheat male friends 300 thousand called it sb

Girls posing as a stewardess 4 years cheat male friends 30 million called for sb tall, face is beautiful, dignified, gentle, by plane to fly around the world. Anyone who can see the "configuration" can probably guess, this is not the envy of the "airline stewardess". However, claiming to be a stewardess, the person may not be a stewardess, there may be a liar. February 6th, the suspect Liu Li Linyi City, Shandong Province, East District Procuratorate on suspicion of fraud in accordance with the law to prosecute. The early spring of 2012, a freshman in a university in Weifang, Liu Li QQ met through work in Hedong District of Linyi city Jiang Ming. Chat, Liuli claiming the family is in Zibo, enrolled in Weifang University professional aviation services, after graduation to go when the stewardess ", returned to the river to see the photos of themselves, Jiang Ming to Liuli love at first sight, so on the Internet to her launched a fierce pursuit. After chatting for a while, the two became a "male and female friends" relationship. The two "husband" and "wife" call chatted for more than a month, Liu Li and Jiang Ming said his trouble with their parents, parents do not give their own living expenses, could not eat a meal, when it comes to sad, crying. Jiang Ming which seen this battle, suddenly lianxiangxiyu feelings flooding, immediately to play in the past hundreds of pieces of money, and each month are to her hit several hundred dollars the cost of living. Saying the Liuli, the family is not rich, but parents holding "poor support children, rich daughter" attitude, the daughter is quite spoiled, Liuli childhood have a "clothing to hand, dehisce"… Life. With the growth of the age, Liuli of material pursuit is more and more intense, high-end cosmetics, clothes, fashion, high-end mobile phones have become her pursuit of the object, parents every month give her 1000 yuan living expenses, and Jiang Ming each month dozens of hundreds of pieces of money, gradually also meet not in her demand. 2013, Liu Li told Jiang Ming said he was going to participate in training, the need for a few thousand dollars a month. At this time, Jiang Ming hesitated, although they chatted online hot, but after all, even face have not seen, before each month to hundreds of pieces can bear, and now to so much money, their wages are not enough for her. Liu Li feel Jiang Ming began to shake, then registered a QQ number and Jiang Ming, claiming to be the sister of Liu Li, tell Liu Li Jiang Ming is how much love Jiang Ming, if not to participate in training, Liu Li’s "stewardess" dream is about to burst. Honest Jiang once again choose believe Liuli is truly love yourself, and will get married with his, and his monthly salary is almost all to the Liuli. During this period, Jiang Ming went to Weifang to ask to see Liu Li, Liu Li said he was in a closed training can not open, refused him. Later, Jiang Ming repeatedly asked to meet, Liu Lijun in training, practice and other reasons to shirk. By the end of 2014, Liu Li appetite, to go to the United States training, machine learning and other reasons, the mouth will be 100 thousand yuan. The Jiang Ming is astronomical, but think of two people go to now is not easy. Next year she graduated, they can forever together and patchwork quilt of 10 million yuan to call the Liuli. In the first half of 2015, Liu Li said he officially became empty group, in the United States and other countries to fly 5