3From the gravitational waves story big reversal to talk about the reality of China’s Science|From the gravitational waves story big reversal to talk about the reality of China’s Science

From the "gravitational waves" story big reversal on Chinese scientific reality from the "gravitational waves" story big reversal on Chinese scientific reality the Zhang Shuang Nan recently LIGO is the biggest refresh event found two black holes and produced by gravitational wave. For gravitational waves I only know fur, so did not accept any media manuscripts, interviews and all the invited lectures, but still write a little I know of gossip and my views, paste in the circle of friends (see "& nbsp; a bottle of Maotai at stake: a gravitational wave case to wait for donkey’s years? , reply "103" is also a number of WeChat public and a number of newspapers reproduced part of the content. I have a dream, is to through the gravitational wave refresh event, in the Chinese public popularity of scientific spirit. Therefore I also take an active part in the relevant activities to promulgate science and technology. But let me surprise is that the last two days of the "five years ago he was first mentioned by gravitational waves", "they owe him an apology" farce unexpectedly also refresh the, and supporters of a very public, there are a lot of people or in the school of science and engineering students, graduate students or have accepted good education of intellectuals. It seems that my dream is just a dream, wake up still have to face the reality! The scraper event protagonist who is? I actually do not want to mention his personal situation, because China is rich in this kind of person, I myself and this kind of people have played a lot of times. The nearest one with a middle school student dialogue (see "Shuang Nan Zhang: and a excellent but confused student dialogue", reply "17" view). I was very worried about the students also entered the ranks of the people. This is Baidu Encyclopedia described minke "minke (full name of civil science fans) refers to civilian scientists, but different in general science lovers and non government scientists. They have the general characteristics are: no scientific training, have no intention to accept scientific training; do not understand the scientific theory, but interested in scientific research, and committed to the study of science." "Minke often want resolved in one fell swoop a major scientific questions, trying to overthrow a famous scientific theory, or is committed to build a huge theory system, but does not accept do not understand the basic paradigm of the scientific community, so not with were the basic academic exchanges. Professional and scientific workers many of minke to negative attitude, and part of humanities scholars holds romantic idea, that civil scientific research should be encouraged. " & nbsp; this entry in the Encyclopedia of Baidu is very good, suggest that you take a serious look, very useful for the improvement of scientific literacy and screening minke. But this is not the focus of my writing this article, I want to reflect on China’s social science and the reality of the "scientific". By the way, for me and the students of the dialogue, "intellectuals" do the questionnaire, but let me very shocked, because a high proportion of readers went so far as to support the students to go to the direction of the minke, no wonder China abounds in Minke. Taking into account the "intellectuals" should be a higher social science literacy of the population, this result makes me very worried about China