3Chinese college graduates choose to diversify the mentality of employment is becoming more rational |Chinese college graduates choose to diversify the mentality of employment is becoming more rational

The employment of college graduates in China choose diversification mentality tends to be rational in new network news agency Changsha April 7 – (reporter Tang Xiaoqing) distance 2016 session of college students graduated less than three months, coming out of the "ivory tower" of college graduates in China are the major recruitment will shuttle. China News Agency reporter visited more than 6 field special recruitment will find that today’s college students did not blindly chase the Internet, finance and other popular industries, choose a variety of career, the mentality is also becoming more pragmatic, rational. Comb a ponytail of Hunan Normal University preschool education specialized graduate honganpa with high color value has attracted many applicants took the initiative to ask job intention. With a monthly salary of 2000 yuan only after the recruitment of administrative positions of corporate communication, Zhao Jing still do not hesitate to submit a resume. "The size of the company no less money, never mind, not necessarily professional counterparts, as long as the accumulated experience." Hunan University dance professional Zhou Ting also do not care about the initial employment position and salary, optimistic about the future growth of space. As long as you see the sale post, she was "a little" resume. Zhao said that the roommate also control their own advantages and disadvantages and interest in job, no longer chew, "start from the bottom, we can accept." Reporter in the recruitment to understand, to come to the job of college graduates keen management, hosting, marketing, copywriting, design and other positions, the choosing conditions also from the past to give priority to salary, work environment, into value promotion and training opportunities and stability. Chinese college students are becoming more pragmatic and rational, this phenomenon is not a case in Hunan. A survey of Chinese college students employment, entrepreneurship survey, the survey shows that the first employment, and then choose the mentality of college students accounted for 63.1%, is willing to go to urban and rural areas of employment of college students accounted for 27% and 13.2%. In March this year, in the Tsinghua University fair employment, "national poverty county" Lankao County in Henan Province in urgent need of talent recruitment will be packed with come to cast resume, consult the relevant policies of the college students. According to media reports, in Jiangsu, Yunnan and other provinces, most college graduates also reduce the employment expectations, plans to accumulate experience through work, and then seek to rise space or other job opportunities. University students to change the employment mentality at the same time, recruitment companies embrace the threshold is also reduced, and gradually change the emphasis on education, age, household registration and other "Chinese style" employment discrimination. "High EQ, emotional stability, enough effort, that is, we need people." Jiang Hong, sales manager of a network technology Co., Ltd. Hunan issued a recruitment order". In Hunan a new Internet business enterprise as the center director Xu Yuxiang pay more attention to the character of job seekers. She received the resume is mostly copy job, event planning and design, a monthly salary of some network marketing specialist no one cares. ’90’ young people still do not want to accept some hot industry, but with a particular focus on interest to choose a career, showing a diversified, personalized features." According to official data, in 2016 the size of China’s college graduates will reach 160 thousand, an increase of 7 million 650 thousand over last year. Xu Yuxiang believes that the employment of college students is becoming more and more